Burning Pots

Posted February 23, 2007
Earlier this week, as I was talking with a son about his mom, I had a very real Alzheimer's moment.  One of those things that happens.  Those warning signs.  Those 'safety' concerns... Here I was talking to this gentleman about his mom's safety and how moving out of her large home into an independent living community would give the both of them piece of mind.  And then I smelled the most horrible smell in the world. I had been steaming some vegetables (using the steamer my grandmother gave me) in one of my beautiful Calphalon pots and *forgot* about it.  ...
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The Experience of Dementia as a Journey…

Posted February 22, 2007
When I first started in this industry - I was able to go through a fantastic training program on caring for those with dementia.  It really got me hooked, and I think its why I like to relate to those with the disease as well as volunteer my time with the Alzheimer's Association. In one of those first training classes, we were given a story to read that really made the concept of the disease hit home for me.  I have been meaning to share it, but wanted to research where it originally came from before I posted it. I ...
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Coping with Alzheimer's

Posted February 19, 2007
I got an email today from one of my relatives.  He is the primary caregiver for his wife who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's years ago.  The past few months have been especially hard.  He sent us this email about a theory (or understanding) that he found that is helping him cope, so I wanted to pass it on in case it might help anyone else in a similar situation. An Alzheimer's person has no past; it is forgotten. They cannot comprehend the future. They live in the now. The now can be a short as 10 minutes and as long ...
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Senior Living Experts adds a new advisor to our team!

Posted February 18, 2007
Kerry Quirin joins Senior Living Experts after 10 1/2 successful years at Marriott Senior Living Services and Sunrise Senior Living. She started her career in Human Resources, but wanted to work directly with the seniors and their families. Quirin then joined the sales force and was able to bring various communities located in the Western Suburbs to 98% occupancy or better. Kerry has a special place in her heart for seniors and believes that they truly are "The Greatest Generation." She is able to put seniors and their families at ease about a process that can be very overwhelming. She ...
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What is Elder Abuse

Posted February 13, 2007
When we think of elder abuse, most of us think of financial exploitation.  That is the misuse or withholding of an older person's resources by another.  I can think of plenty of examples. But we also need to think of other types of abuse that can be going on such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, confinement, passive neglect (caregivers failure to provide life necessities) and willful deprivation (a caregiver that willfully denies medication, care, food etc thereby exposing them to risk of physical, mental or emotional harm.) Elder abuse does not discriminate.  Any ethnic backgrounds and social status ...
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Helping Families Make Tough Decisions

Posted February 12, 2007
I just found out about this event that is going on this Thursday.  I usually like to give more notice, but it was too good not to post, even at this late date. The event is called "Helping Families Make Tough Decisions" and the speaker is Dan Kuhn who is a MSW and a LCSW with the Alzheimer's Association.  He speaks and numerous events around Chicagoland on the topics of aging. This program will address approaches that family members and caregivers take when its time to handle critical decisions such as driving a car, bringing help into the home, assuming ...
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Does Medicare Cover Assisted Living

Posted February 11, 2007
I was looking at the 'stats' for my blog just now and I noticed that someone found my page by entering the following question into their search bar:  "assisted living places in illinois that take medicare payments".  Here is your quick answer. NONE. Medicare does not pay for long term care.  It will pay for long term care in a rehab center after discharge from a hospital.  It will pay for out patient therapy which can be performed in and assisted living home.  But it does not pay for ROOM and BOARD. In Illinois we have some assisted living facilities ...
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Protecting Seniors From Cold Weather

Posted February 10, 2007
This is how cold it was here in Chicago the other day. If you click on the picture it will enlarge to show you that it was minus 5 outside.  And that was without factoring in the windchill... Even when it is nice outside, I am usually cold.  I think that may have been one of the things that drew me to working in an assisted living building in the first place.  I knew most of the seniors with their thin skin and thin blood would be cold inside and the temperature would always be a cozy 75 degrees. But ...
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With a Little Help From My Friends

Posted February 6, 2007
One of my friends from Virginia (thanks Rodney!!) sent me a link to a very interesting article about a new study regarding Alzheimer's disease.  It claims that people who are lonely are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer's.  I know there is a lot to be said about socialization in the assisted living model and this study speaks to that a little bit.  I see many seniors benefit from participating in all the activites that are at their fingertips once they make a move out of their otherwise isolated home.  Activites include anything in my book by the way - ...
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Wonderful Quote

Posted February 3, 2007
"Great opportunites to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us everyday." - Sally Koch
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