How to Plan Long Term Care

Posted March 31, 2007
Today I had a tour cancel - so while I am sad that I am not showing a family some assisted living options as planned, I am happy to have some catch up time.  Its been a long while since I posted.  There have been a few caregiver conferences and even a trip to Vegas for my birthday, but now I am back. Earlier this week, I attended a seminar given by Terry Savage .  It was fantastic.  I immediately sent a link to her website to my father for him to check out.  I was looking at it today ...
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If only we could have moved him sooner!

Posted March 19, 2007
"My grandpa moved in last Thursday and is loving it.  He says they treat him like a king.  If only we could have convinced him of that sooner." I just received this email from a granddaughter I was working with over the past few months.  It was a long hard road to get the whole family on board.  In fact, it was one of the daughters who was holding on to the idea of having her father stay in his home more than the man himself.  He was tired of caring for the big house.  Plus, it had lots of ...
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How much MONEY do you need to retire?

Posted March 13, 2007
Terry Savage is a nationally known expert on personal finance and a regular television commentator on CNN, CNBC, PBS, and NBC on issues related to investing and financial markets. She is the nationally syndicated Chicago Sun-Times personal finance columnist. Her fourth book was published in June, 2005: The Savage Number: How Much Money Do You Need to Retire? Terry offers advice ranging from investments to withdrawal calculations to long term care insurance --to make sure your money lasts as long as you do!  (I got this information from her website which you can link to by clicking on her name ...
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Senior Housing Options in Chicago

Posted March 12, 2007
Recently I put up a post about a caregiving conference coming up on March 27th.  You can click on the conference link in this post to read all about it. What I forgot to mention was that *I* am going to be there presenting on senior living and assisted living options for seniors in Chicago! See you there!
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