New Years resolution challenge – get your choices in writing this year.

Posted December 26, 2007
Someone who read my blog - blogged about one of my posts on their site!  I went to check it out and I really enjoyed many of the articles on there - very helpful stuff so check it out. They had used part of one of my posts to start talking about when to look for senior living - basically they said plan now, not later which we all know.  Course we know that about our health, money, living wills, advance directives, etc... and we just don't do them.  They are NECESSARY - especially the wills and advance directives.  Planning ...
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Quality of Life?

Posted December 24, 2007
This post is my real life story related to the last post about medications in nursing homes. When I worked in an assisted living building we had a lovely little lady in our dementia area.  She loved ballet.  It was what the past 80+ years of her life had been devoted to.   Even though she started to become more frail, she still wanted to dance (or more correctly - TEACH us to dance because she told us we were all horrid - she thought we were actual ballerinas).  I loved to go upstairs and dance with her.  But she started ...
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Nursing Homes Struggle to Kick Drug Habit – from WSJ

Posted December 24, 2007
Last week one of my friends emailed this Wall Street Journal Article to me.  I am not sure if the link to the actual article will work - I think you need to subscribe to the WSJ in order to read it (unless its emailed to you).  If you would like to read the full article, email me and I will email you the link you can use to read it. For those of you who can read it I made the following comments on their health blog: The most telling sentence of this entire article was "under federal rules, ...
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How to Choose a Retirement Community

Posted December 21, 2007
This past weekend I went to Florida.  For some reason the temperature just kept dropping, as if I had brought the Chicago cold with me. My parents just retired two weeks ago.  They have lived just south of Buffalo NY all of their lives and have decided to leave the snow behind for some sunshine. They investigated a few places on the Internet over the past year and had the opportunity to see a few in Florida earlier.  My mom was totally against the idea until they started visiting them. I met them down there and got to see what ...
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Water For Elephants

Posted December 20, 2007
Last night I stayed up until 2 am to finish this book which I started this weekend.  My mom gave it to me while I was in Florida with her and my dad to help them find an "active adult" community to retire too (which is a whole other story...) Anyways, this book had been recommended to me by several people and now I know why.  I love to read, but I really haven't had the chance to since I started my own business two years ago.  But this is a quick and easy read and it was nice to ...
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Caregiver Support Group from the comfort of your own home

Posted December 19, 2007
The Chicago Department of Senior Services (formerly the Chicago Department on Aging - they change their name Jan 1....) and the Salvation Army are hosting monthly  TELE-SUPPORT FOR CAREGIVERS If you can’t leave your home to participate in a support group, you can still get the support and encouragement you need just by picking up your phone. 1st & 3rd WEDNESDAY of EVERY MONTH 7:00pm to 8:00pm step 1: DIAL:  1-866-212-0875 step 2: Enter Passcode:   932974# step 3: share your name with the group Join them every month to get information and share information about caring for your older family ...
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Alzheimer’s Association – Action Alert 12/13 & 12/14

Posted December 13, 2007
Last month President Bush vetoed a bill that included $30 billion for the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Included in that amount was a $16 million increase for Alzheimer research – the first increase in three years for this deadly disease. Congress is working on a revised bill that will be sent to the President soon. If funding for NIH falls below $30 billion, medical breakthroughs to end Alzheimer’s will be threatened and more lives will be lost. Tell the White House Switchboard Operator: 1. I am calling from [city/state] because I want President Bush to support $30 billion for ...
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Average Cost of In-Home Caregiver

Posted December 10, 2007
The out-of-pocket cost of caring for an aging parent or spouse averages $5,531 a year, according to the nation's first in-depth study of such expenses, a sum that is more than double previous estimates and more than the average American household spends each year on health care and entertainment combined.  In November 2007,  National Alliance for Caregiving released its study "The Evercare Study of Family Caregivers - What They Spend, What They Sacrifice." The Evercare/NAC study found that as many as 17 million people, or 51 percent of the 34 million that a 2004 NAC/AARP survey found care for a ...
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Parkinsons Disease Event – Free!

Posted December 8, 2007
Just found out about this free informative event: Healthy Living Forum - a free event for Parkinson's Disease patients and their care partners featuring interactive presentations by a patient with Parkinson's Disease, an architect and occupational therapist who specializes in home modifications, a world famous Tai Chi expert to lead demonstrations, and a health psychologist who will discuss resilience. The event is free, includes a free healthy meal, and lots of give-aways. Where:Wyndham Drake Hotel2301 York RoadOak Brook, IL 60523 When:Monday, December 17, from 11:30-2:30pm RSVP or Questions:RSVP Requested - Please call 312-281-2919
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Case Study – Helping someone from out of state find senior living in Chicago

Posted December 6, 2007
This is a short case study about one of our advisors (Kerry) helping a son and a mom who were both moving to Chicago from out of state.  (Names of the clients have been changed of course!) "John called me one day in the early summer looking for help in finding senior living in the Chicago area. He was relocating back to Chicago from New Jersey and wanted his mom to move out to Chicago as well. She was currently living in a beautiful assisted living near him.  John had very little time to a find a new home for ...
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