Senior Housing Costs

Posted January 29, 2008
Senior Housing Costs - They are a lot higher than most of our clients expect.  When they first call us they are blown away - so I am hoping to educate you before you need to know!  I found this information to be a nice breakdown: According to American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging ( The average daily cost for a private room in a nursing home is $213, or $77,745 annually. The average daily cost for a semi-private room in a nursing home is $189, or $68,985 annually. The average monthly cost of living in an ...
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Seniors ride free on CTA/RTA

Posted January 25, 2008
My friend Mark just sent me this note and I thought I would pass it along... As you likely know, the Illinois legislature recently passed a transit funding bill that includes free rides for seniors on the CTA and RTA. Any senior (65 and older) wishing to ride for free is required to enroll by no later than March 17th! Seniors can enroll by calling the Senior Helpline at 1-800-252-8966 or by going online at I just wanted to make sure that everybody is aware of this information so that those entitled can take advantage of this senior benefit.
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Retirement Housing Trends for 2019

Posted January 11, 2008
Found this blog post online about 10 "new" trends in senior housing.  I found the article very exciting since senior living is what I do all day. I have already seen "catered living" in some of the buildings that I work with and that is working out well because it prevents the need to make another move when you already have a familiarity with the building and friends there.  Some concerns though are that its not licensed... I am really looking forward to seeing some "green" construction on new or existing senior buildings in the area.  I have not seen ...
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Aunt Bessie

Posted January 10, 2008
My cousin Margaret emailed this video to my family today.  She said "I think Aunt Bessie has been reincarnated.  All I could think of while watching this video is that that is exactly what she would have done....."  I hope all of you have a family member like this.  Our Great Aunt Bessie was the best.  She never had any children of her own so all of my grandmothers grandchildren (her sister) became her own.  We loved her as much as you would love your grandmother - and lots of times it was for reasons like this.. she was always ...
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New Year, New Name, Same Service for Seniors

Posted January 9, 2008
The Chicago Department on Aging has officially changed their name to the Chicago Department of Senior Services.
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Exercise Your Brain!

Posted January 3, 2008
Many of us resolve to exercise more in the new year.  How about exercising your brain?  This is a fun "game" to play (at work?) that will help keep your brain sharp in the new year and beyond.  And you don't have to bundle up and walk or drive to the gym!  Exercise Your Brain Game from the Alzheimer's Association.
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