If this doesn’t scare ya, I don’t know what will..

Posted July 30, 2008
I can't remember someones name.  I lost my keys.  Where are my glasses? According to a new study, 1 million older people slip from normal memory to mild impairment, much more than previously thought.  (That number does not include the 1/2 million that will be diagnosed with full blown dementia a year) For an article about this study in the Chicago Sun Times click here.
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New(?) Approach to caring for Azheimer's patients?

Posted July 29, 2008
Yesterday there was an article in the Chicago Tribune (front page!!) about a study that suggests a new approach to caring for Alzheimer's patients.  I think the only people this was news to were the ones who have never cared for or worked with people with the disease.  While I am sure there are still a lot of nursing homes out there that don't have the time or money to train their staff - but they should know to never speak to a patient as if they were a child.  Regardless, the article did interview some people that I know ...
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What is Assisted Living?

Posted July 22, 2008
While researching the average age of people living in assisted living I came across this definition on the National Center for assisted livings Website and thought I would share it here. Assisted living provides relatively independent seniors with assistance and limited health care services in a home-like atmosphere. Assisted living services include 24-hour protective oversight, food, shelter, and a range of services that promote the quality of life of the  individual. The philosophy of assisted living emphasizes the right of the individual to choose the setting for care and services. Assisted living customers share the risks and responsibilities for their ...
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Just made the move to the "dementia" unit in assisted living

Posted July 20, 2008
Comments from someone who JUST moved his wife after being her primary caregiver for years... The decision was extremely difficult and there were many tears and much second guessing.  Here is the report 5 days later:  (Names changed of course!) Some good news to tell you about Catherine. She is adjusting to her new home wonderfully !! She still has her bad moments, but her aides tell me that she is happy most of the time. She seems to be the youngest person in her unit. I know that she is the most physically able. Most of them are in ...
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Building Better Bones

Posted July 14, 2008
The Kenwood of Lakeview is hosting an event on July 24th called:  "Building Better Bones". It is for ages 50+. It is an Osteoporosis Education Seminar and FREE BONE DENSITY SCREENING!!!! This free event begins at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday July 24th. The event starts with a 45 minute presentation on building better bones and then a FREE bone density screening with instant results and health recommendations. The Kenwood will also be providing a free buffet lunch and tours. Counsel for Jewish Elderly - Senior Life is co-sponsoring the event. There is a maximum attendance of 35 people. All must ...
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Family Caregivers of Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease Needed for Study

Posted July 10, 2008
Investigators in the College of Nursing at Rush University Medical Center are looking for family caregivers for a new research study.  This study will test the effectiveness of an 18-month multi-component health promotion intervention with family caregivers for persons with Alzheimer’s disease.  Study participants will engage in six interviews and twenty intervention contacts.  All contacts will be arranged at the caregiver's convenience and conducted in their home or by telephone.  No visits to Rush University Medical Center are required for this study.  If you know of caregivers who might be interested in this study, please have them contact Dr. Caryn ...
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