Cost of assisted living goes up…

Posted August 29, 2008
According to a recent article in McKnights Long Term Care News & Assisted Living, the cost of care is going up... by leaps and bounds. The article is below: assisted living facilities are charging an average of 13% more than two years ago, while nursing home operators have hiked prices 7% over the same time span, according to a new nationwide survey. The average daily cost for assisted living residents is $3,241 per month, or about $108 per day, according to the 2008 Long-Term Care Cost Study, which was released by Prudential Financial on Monday. It was the largest jump ...
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Obama better for seniors according to AARP

Posted August 27, 2008
Just got my Sept/Oct 08 edition of the AARP magazine.  I immediately opened to page 93 where they have their 2008 AARP Voter's Guide.  They concluded that Obama's policies were better suited to help seniors. Every night I have been watching the DNC.  Never have I been this excited and motivated to vote for president.  So I wanted to see which candidate was going stand up the most for seniors. I also went to each candidates site to try to find where they stood on seniors issues.  On Obama's website it was easy to find and even included a version ...
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Extra Special 50th Anniversary Request

Posted August 20, 2008
I received an email about this yesterday, and I am going to send a card this week.  Thought you might want to too! Here is the info: It’s the classic love story.  My mom was the high school cheerleader and my dad was the quarterback for the football team.  I remember reading the inscriptions in their High School yearbooks and they were the perfect couple.  They married at an early age and had the standard three children.  All was well in their world and life progressed. In 1981 my father was diagnosed with chronic progressive Multiple Sclerosis. The symptoms were ...
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Dr. Sandy interviews me for my first podcast

Posted August 13, 2008
Last Thursday I met with Dr. Sandy Goldberg at the NBC Tower in Chicago to record my first every podcast.  Dr. Sandy asked me about Senior Living Experts and some of the issues involved in finding assisted living.  You can listen to the NBC 5 Better Health podcast here!
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Alzheimer's Association to Host Early Stage/Early Onset Focus Groups

Posted August 12, 2008
If you have been diagnosed with early stage and/or early onset memory loss, we need your help.  For many years the Alzheimer’s Association has provided quality programs for professionals, family members, and care partners of individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and other, related dementias.  Now, we need to hear from you.  We recognize the need to expand our programs and services for individuals who have themselves been diagnosed with early onset and/or early stage memory loss.  Our first step in this effort will be to conduct focus groups so that we can develop programs and services that meet your needs. ...
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Help us help local caregivers!

Posted August 9, 2008
In the past year, Alzheimer's has risen from the 7th leading cause of death to now being the 6th and someone is diagnosed every 71 seconds as opposed to every 72 seconds like last year. Hmmmm.... This is my 6th year walking in the Memory Walk - where funds raised go toward helping support caregivers in the community.  Feel free to sign up your own team and raise money, and if you are so inclined, feel free to donate money towards my team! I gotta ask and ask again! I just spent 45 minutes searching iphoto for one single photo ...
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Navigating the Journey of Aging Parents without Driving off a Cliff!

Posted August 7, 2008
Unfortunately, this event has been postponed as of 8/25/08 and they will reschedule it in just a few weeks - stay tuned... On Tuesday evening, Sept 16th Plymouth Place is hosting one of my favorite speakers/authors/gerontologists/friends.. Cheryl Kuba will be speaking about "Navigating the Journey of Aging Parents without Driving off a Cliff" Make this a joy ride!  Learn how to put on the breaks before you go over the edge as you celebrate your parents’ lives.  Find common goals for both of you as they journey through their last chapters of life.  Down shift and turn challenging elder care ...
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