Where have all the doctors gone?

Posted October 25, 2008
On Wednesday night I had the extreme please of listening to Dr. Cheryl Woodson speak about the upcoming "Senior Tsunami".  I found it very interesting that if Washington doesn't fix Medicare, then the Boomers are really going to suffer.  Apparently Medicare (when it does pay) only pays .40 cents on the dollar.  Geriatric doctors whose patients almost always have Medicare can not afford to keep their practices open unless they also except younger patients as well. With the amount of people that will be moving to Medicare in the next few years gets closer, the problem gets bigger. Dr. Woodson ...
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Want to stay sharp as you get older?

Posted October 23, 2008
Don't we all?  I read somewhere that as soon as you turn 30 your brain function decreases.  Guess that explains why I can't remember what I already wrote when my laptop shuts down by accident and doesn't save the blog post I already typed... My friends at the Alzheimer's Association Greater Illinois Chapter & Central Baptist Village have partnered up for a free workshop about brain health, appropriately titled: "Now What Was I Saying?" The workshop is an hour and a half and is designed for "boomers" and/or other healthy older adults who want to keep their memories sharp for ...
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Divided We Fail

Posted October 14, 2008
  Visit  www.dividedwefail.org to join with millions of other Americans to support candidates who will give us action, answers and accountability on health and lifetime financial security. We need to elect leaders who will end the gridlock in Washington and get things done. Join us in our cause by pledging to: Vote for candidates who will ensure that all Americans have access to affordable, quality health care. Vote for candidates who will ensure that all Americans have peace of mind about their long-term financial security—with a real plan of action, and a real commitment to the American people. Vote for ...
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Illinois Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

Posted October 11, 2008
Question:  What is an Ombudsmen? A Swedish word meaning citizen’s representative, a Long Term Care Ombudsman is an advocate who seeks to resolve complaints on behalf of people who receive long term care services. Every resident of any long-term care facility in Illinois have rights.  Some of these rights are:  The right to refuse treatment.Freedom from chemical and physical restraints.Right to express grievances without fear of retaliation.Right to participate in the planning of your care and treatment. Anyone (current residents, relatives and friends of residents, employees of long term care facilities for example) can all contact their Ombudsman if they ...
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Additional Help with communicating with your parents

Posted October 10, 2008
  Join Belmont Village at Geneva Road for a Two Part Lecture Series 1. Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. “Having the Tough Talk” How to navigate and successfully conduct difficult conversations with your loved ones regarding the acceptance of supportive senior services. Presented by Janet Brown and Terri Parrilli, Geriatric Care Manager from Wisdom Eldercare 2. Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. “Aging and the Brain: A Presentation on Cognitive Functioning and the Aging Proces” Discussing the behavioral aspects and effects of cognitive decline including those caused by strokes, TIA’s and Alzheimer’s disease ...
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A Sterling Event

Posted October 9, 2008
On Saturday, Oct 4, my husband and I attended the 4th Annual "A Sterling Event" in Chicago.  The event raises money for A Silver Lining Foundation which was started 6 years ago by Dr. Sandy Goldberg.  This is a picture of us with Dr. Sandy and her husband, Greg. A Silver Lining Foundation provides: * easy access to cancer resource information * quality of life assistance during treatment and beyond * cost free mammograms and follow up diagnostic testing Their chief initiative is to ensure that financial circumstance doesn't get in the way of accessing quality cancer related healthcare services. ...
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Keeping Seniors Warm This Winter

Posted October 3, 2008
My friend Mark Schmidt sent this to me the other day and I thought I should share it: As the weather starts to turn cold and natural gas prices keep rising, many seniors are worried about keeping their house warm this Winter.  Fortunately, there are several programs available to those who qualify that can provide help. First, if you are having trouble paying your heating bill, you should call People's Gas (866-556-6001) or North Shore Gas (866-556-6004) to discuss payment plan options. In addition, there are some assistance programs that might be able to help you: LIHEAP: This Low Income ...
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Long Term Care Financing Reform – a white paper

Posted October 1, 2008
In a recent New York Times editorial piece, Kathryn Roberts, PhD, CEO of senior housing provider Ecumen, shed light on the importance of long term care finance reform, and why today’s candidates are shying away from this discussion.  In the midst of all this financial discussion, we can't forget how much long term care is going to cost this country in a few years... The whitepaper, “Long Term Care Financing Reform: An Incredible Opportunity for Candidates Who Desire Positive Change in America” Download long-term-care-financing-reform.pdf, explores the reasons candidates have ignored this issue, and what needs to change in order to ...
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