Today is Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Posted June 15, 2009
Go to the National Center on Elder Abuse's website to learn more and to find out ways that you can help prevent or stop elder abuse.
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Local Assisted Living Community sings with Toddlers

Posted June 14, 2009
One of our partners, Sunrise of Naperville is currently partnering with a toddler music class.  It would be hard to tell who benefits from this more, the seniors or the children.  Music is something that can bring us all together and is something that we share.  The seniors help the children and the children bring them joy. One resident was said, "I love coming here; there's hope for the future," You can read the entire article in the Naperville Sun. *photo by Danielle Gardner, news staff photographer
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4 Tips for Keeping Your Brain Sharp

Posted June 13, 2009
Just read an article based on a study that tested the cognitive ability of 2,500 people aged 70 to 79 over eight years. They found that 30% of them not only did not see a decline, in some instances they actually improved on tests.  To find out what made this 30% special they had to find out what they did and what they had in common.  Here is what they found: 1. Exercise 2. Education 3. Not Smoking 4. Socializing Read the full article on
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GPS shoes that could help with ‘wandering’ Alzheimer’s patients

Posted June 11, 2009
They are currently developing shoes with GPS in them for Alzheimer's patients that wander.  This technology will help families and authorities locate someone who has wandered away, a condition of the disease that many experience. It is easier than putting a device on them such as a necklace or a bracelet as they are usually taken off.  Because these are embedded in the shoes, they are always on. The shoes are being developed by GTX Corp., which makes miniaturized Global Positioning Satellite tracking and location-transmitting technology, and Aetrex Worldwide, a footwear manufacturer. I can imagine that this would help save ...
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Swine Flu Not having as Much Affect on Elderly

Posted June 10, 2009
According to a recent article in the New York Times, the elderly are not as vulnerable to the swine flu as previously thought.  The regular flu is a major concern for the elderly especially in long term care facilities but they have not seen much of an outbreak.In the article they state: Of 538 confirmed cases of AH1N1 in New York City, only six have occurred among people ages 65 and over. It goes on to say that "preliminary evidence suggests that many older people may have residual immunity to the new flu virus because they were exposed to similar ...
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Illinois Residents Deserve Real Options for Services – Stop the Budget Cuts!

Posted June 9, 2009
I received this bulletin last week and knew I had to share it with my fellow Illinois residents who care about seniors. AARP and the Alliance for Home and Community Care oppose the devastating cuts passed by the General Assembly.  We are calling on the Governor, Legislative Leadership and all legislators to get back to Springfield and fix this budget before these cuts take effect.  These cuts will affect your neighbors, friends, family and maybe even you. COMMUNITY CARE PROGRAM •    Without additional funds, nearly 26,000 older Illinoisans will be cut off from services that allow them to remain independent.  ...
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Alzheimer’s triples health care costs

Posted June 3, 2009
In a March, the Alzheimer's Association put out their newest "2009 Facts & Figures."  One of the most startling points was that total healthcare costs are more than three times higher for people with Alzheimer's and other dementias than for other people age 65 and older.  There is an increased need and usage of hospitals, nursing homes and other health and long-term care services. Families caring for people with Alzheimer's struggle to survive the recession as states deal with budget shortfalls. With family members providing care at home for about 70 percent of people with Alzheimer's, the ripple effects of ...
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Alzheimer's Association Family Forums coming up!

Posted June 2, 2009
Be sure to reserve your space for the very informative family forums that the Alzheimer's Association of Greater Illinois put on.The first one is Saturday, June 6 at the Wentz Concert Hall in NapervilleThe second one is Saturday, June 13 at the Harper College Wojcik Conference Center in Palatine.Each half day event costs $25, with breakfast included.  Participants will receive up to date information & resources for families affected by memory loss.To register by phone, call 847.933.2413To register on their website go to the Alzheimer's Association Family Forums page.  Details such as times, session and round table discussions can be ...
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