Alzheimer's Reading Room, a great resource

Posted July 31, 2009
Just read another short post on Bob DeMarco's fabulous blog, the Alzheimer's Reading Room.  This one was about how one of the first signs you might look for when someone has dementia that you might not think of is their feet!  Shuffling the feet could be a sign of early cognitive development.  Having worked in an assisted living community with a wonderful section just for those with dementia, I can attest to the fact that many of the residents did shuffle their feet.  It was if they were walking with out lifting their feet.Anyway, that is just one of the ...
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When is it time to consider assisted living?

Posted July 30, 2009
I have many blog posts on this topic on this blog - easy to find.  But I just heard it best when I heard that you should move to assisted living before it is a "have-to".  At that point, assisted living (or an independent retirement community) may no longer be an option. 
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Cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women – oh, and a good sense of humor.

Posted July 29, 2009
Just wrote that article about Walter, the oldest MAN in the world. Let me clarify that he is the oldest man, there are 13!! ladies in the world older than him. I just found an article about Henry Allingham who previously was the worlds oldest man at 113.  The quote above is his secret to a very long life.  And jellied eels.  Whatever those are.  Here is a picture of Henry (because was so darn handsome) and the additional information I found at  
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When an elderly relative being cared for at home can't go on vacation, what's a caregiver to do?

Posted July 28, 2009
Respite care!! Many assisted living communities have openings and have space available for short term respites - 1 week or so.  You don't even technically have to GO on vacation, just take a vacation and take care of yourself.  Some of the local area agencies on aging will actually give you information on FREE respites in local nursing homes.  To find your local area on aging, visit and enter in your zip code.USA Today had a great article "Caregivers, too, need time away." which is about some respite options in assisted living, an option many people often do not ...
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"If they don’t send me a stamp, they don’t get a response."

Posted July 27, 2009
  And at .46 a stamp I can relate!! I read these articles about these seniors who are so old, and have so much advice to offer and just the most wonderful quotes ever. This came from Walter Breuning, who at 112 years old is officially the worlds oldest man.  He lives in an assisted living community in Great Falls, Montana.  (What a beautiful state by the way - all that fresh air might have helped!) He is so swamped with requests for interviews, that the assisted living home requests that those who would like to talk with him to ...
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When is it time to move a loved one to assisted living?

Posted July 27, 2009
Patricia Grace is one of the many passionate elder care advisers that I follow on Twitter.  I recently ran across this article of hers and had to share as it is such a common question I get when people find out what I do. Here is the beginning of the article: Making the decision to move a parent or loved from their home into an assisted living, retirement or nursing community is never an easy decision. If you find yourself questioning the safety of your parent(s) living alone then perhaps you and your family should consider the following: • Are ...
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Fun fundraiser for Rainbow Hospice Aug 28th

Posted July 26, 2009
Rainbow Hospice will be hosting an event at the end of the summer in support of their Good Mourning Program for children, teens and families.  The Good Mourning Program is the most extensive family-focused children’s bereavement program in the Chicago Area.  They have been supporting children of all ages for more than 20 years and have helped thousands of families.  Their event, dubbed Lake Effect, will be held on August 28th, 2009 from 5:00pm to Midnight at the Palmer House Hotel in downtown Chicago.  Lake Effect will be a fantastic evening and an even better value with the ticket price ...
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How do I Know That My Elderly Parents Need Help

Posted July 25, 2009
LifeBridge Solutions, a Florida company that provides family transition coaching recently published a blog post asking six questions to determine what help your aging parent needs? The 6 questions they came up with were: What is my parent's physical condition? What is my parent's emotional condition? What is my parent's cognitive level? What financial resources are available to pay for help? What human resources are available to provide help? What input has my parent given on the entire topic? It is a great article and you should check it out by following the link above the questions!  Their site is ...
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Life begins at 80!

Posted July 24, 2009
If there is one thing that everyone in the Senior Living industry agrees on, it is that the industry will undergo an overall change to prepare for the next generation -- the Baby Boomers.Just read an article online by Renato Alesiani is the executive director of Áegis at Shadowridge an assisted living community in California.I found it interesting because he talks about the needs (or demands or wants) of the baby boomer generation is different than those of their parents - the WWII generation.  There will be a higher demand for luxury and hospitality.  Anyone who operates an assisted living ...
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100 Charitable Activities You Can Do With Your Family

Posted July 18, 2009
A reader named Suzane emailed me about a post on her blog called 100 Charitable Activities You Can Do With Your Family.  Since I get emails all the time about volunteering in local nursing homes and assisted living communities I knew I had to share it.  Lots of great suggestions on there.  It also helps us answer the call to action from President and Mrs. Obama to give back!One of my favorite's is the first one because I know they can match up some opportunities with seniors.  Volunteer Match - with over 65,000 participating organizations, this site has many opportunities ...
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