The Breakers holds a very special screening of the new movie, Play The Game!

Posted August 31, 2009
One of the communities that Senior Living Experts works with had a very special weekend. Our local Chicago CBS News station was at The Breakers on Friday to cover a premiere of the new movie PLAY THE GAME, a romantic comedy starring Andy Griffith and Doris Roberts. The movie is based on the life of a former resident and his relationship with his grandson.  The movie is about a ladies man who teaches dating tips to his lonely grandfather who lives in a retirement community.  Marc Fienberg wrote and directed the film and was inspired by his grandfather’s life and ...
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"You have to have love in your life."

Posted August 26, 2009
That is a quote from Catherine Walker who just celebrated her 99th birthday this past Monday with those that she loves in her life. When you live to be 99, you tend to outlive many of the people that you love.  This did not stop Catherine from finding new life.  Not only does she live in a local retirement community, but she volunteers in their Alzheimer's wing.  She has a great sense of humor and enjoys herself there and her neighbors and friends appreciate her time. I first read about her in the Chicago Tribune where you can read the ...
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Advances in Parkinson's Disease – Free update/discussion

Posted August 24, 2009
The Community Health and Education Department at St. Joseph Hospital and The Hallmark presents:Hilliard Slavick, M.D., Section Chief, Neurology will discuss the progress in identifying risk factors and causes as well as new developments in medicine and surgical approaches for Parkinson's Disease.  Complimentary valet parking and reception will be provided.When:  Thursday, Sept 10 6:30 - 7:30 pmWhere: The Hallmark, 2960 N. Lake Shore Drive, The Kellogg RoomFee:  FREE!Please call 877-737-4636 to register and reserve a spot.  Registration required by Sept 3 and space is limited!
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And while we are on the subject of food..

Posted August 18, 2009
Still dreaming about that ice cream.  But I was reminded of another tour I went on a few years ago.  This was for a large independent living community, and I was with a potential resident.  The marketing person took us into the dining room to show us where meals were served.  We were getting the old "restaurant style dining" presentation but I wasn't having any of it.There, on the tables, by each plate, was a piece of white bread wrapped in saran wrap with a wee little tub of (extra hydrogenated) margarine on top.  Some choice they had there.  No ...
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Best ice cream I have ever had!

Posted August 13, 2009
I am sure the antioxidants made up for the sugar and the fat.   Since food is such an important part of senior living, I always like to have lunch and sample the food at the communities we work with.  I encourage families to take a second look when they are searching for senior living, and to do it over lunch.  If you are going to be living there and they are making your meals, you might want to make sure you like it. Today I give Devonshire of Hoffman Estates double thumbs up and then some for my whole dining ...
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Free flowers & hugs? Yes Please!

Posted August 8, 2009
I love this blog post on "Frugal Family Fun!".  If you are going to be frugal, why not share some free smiles & hugs.  I bet this activity was enjoyed by everyone she saw that day at their assisted living community.  But you have to see the pictures - as they tell the story best.  Free Flowers & Hugs!
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Assisted Living residents enjoy hot air balloon ride

Posted August 7, 2009
Last month, 25 residents for the Cascades Assisted Living in Bethel CT got the chance of a lifetime.  A wish to ride in a hot air balloon was granted. I had always wanted to take a ride in one myself.  My dad had a customer who actually owned one, but every time he was available, I was not.  Finally, after my senior year in college my best friends then boyfriend, now husband, figured out how to get us on one.  I was so excited.  I forgot to ask how it was going to get back on the land after it ...
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Caregiving for the Generations free presentation

Posted August 6, 2009
The Community Health & Education Department at St. Joseph Hospital and The Hallmark presents:Caregiving for the Generations - "The Perfect Storm"Caring for an aging relative, raising young children or providing support of "boomerang" kids who have moved back home (recession anyone?) has created a "perfect storm" for those responsible for the caregiving.  Joan Ente, LCSW, SCSW from CJE SeniorLife, explores the unique stresses of this generation and offers practical suggestions for planning ahead to manage complex family responsibilities.  Complimentary reception and valet parking will be provided.Registration was required by today, but feel free to call and reserve your space today!WHEN: ...
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Tips for helping a loved one who has Alzheimer's

Posted August 5, 2009
Instead of retyping the whole article, I am going to link to it directly as I think it is a great read for anyone who has a loved one just recently diagnosed with the disease, including early-onset as I talked about yesterday.The article, Tips to help a loved one with Alzheimer's was published monday on US News and World Report's website.
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Young/Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease: Symptoms and Treatment

Posted August 4, 2009
This morning I attended a networking event and the speakers were Melanie Chavin & Nicole Batsh from the Greater Illinois Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. The very first thing we learned was the difference between "early stage" & "early on-set".  You can be any age and be in the early stage.  It is the first stage of the disease where the short term memory issues are starting to interfere with your day to day.  Early Onset affects people under the age of 65 - including some in their 30's!, 40's or 50's. We heard an example this morning about a ...
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