Top 10 Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community

Posted September 22, 2009
As per Dale Carter, founder of Transition Aging Parents. Dale is dedicated to providing insight and information to adult children of aging parents so their parents may "thrive and find joy" in every stage of life. This is a copy of my favorite article from her site: One of the biggest decisions our aging parents face is where to live. Many see it as making a choice between "aging in place" or a senior living residence (such as a retirement community, assisted living or nursing home).  I have seen people argue their choices with a real passion.  It reminds me ...
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Today is World Alzheimer’s Day!

Posted September 21, 2009
According to, World Alzheimer's Day was first launched on September 21, 1994, at the Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) conference as part of the 10th anniversary celebration. Since that time events have been planned around the world to commemorate and honor those who have been affected by this devastating disease.
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You are not alone: Supporting Caregivers of Loved Ones with Memory Loss

Posted September 18, 2009
The Alzheimer's Association Greater Illinois Chapter is partnering with the South Side Dementia Consortium to host a conference called You Are Not Alone: Supporting Caregivers of Loved Ones with Memory Loss. This conference will be helped on Saturday, Sept 26 and will be held at Kennedy-King College, Media and Culinary Arts Building, 740 West 63rd Street, Chicago IL 60621. This year they have assembled some of the most prominent leaders in the field of dementia care and research.  Anyone caring for a family member is encouraged to attend. $10.00 per person in advance and $15.00 at the door. Lunch is ...
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StoryCorps – talking to mom about moving to assisted living

Posted September 17, 2009
I received this letter from Amber Leigh Blough at StoryCorp at the end of last month.  I finally had a chance to listen this week and I don't know why I waited.  It is a very quick story and it contains a valuable tip for talking to your parents about moving to assisted living (or regarding any time of care or conflict.)  Please listen if you get a chance, its pretty quick!Here is the letter:I'm writing from StoryCorps, America's largest nonprofit national oral history project. I thought you and your readers would be interested in listening to StoryCorps' latest story ...
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The Chicago Department on Aging has moved

Posted September 15, 2009
As of Sept 11, 2009 the office of the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services - Senior Services Division (or as I call it the department on aging..) has moved from 30 N. LaSalle to:1615 W. Chicago Ave, 3rd Floor, Chicago IL 60622All phone numbers have been changed and the new phone number is:312-746-8541
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National Assisted Living Week

Posted September 14, 2009
Sept 13 - Sept 19th 2009 is National Assisted Living Week. “This year’s theme, ‘Traditions of the Heart’ pays tribute to the personal connection that caregivers, relatives, and volunteers have with nearly 1 million people residing in more than 38,000 assisted living and residential care communities nationwide,” said David Kyllo, The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL)'s executive director. NCAL established National assisted living Week in 1995 to provide a unique opportunity to bring together residents, families, employees, volunteers, and the surrounding community to celebrate residents and the services provided within assisted living residences.
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Sitting outside enjoying a cup of tea…

Posted September 9, 2009
You are never to old to twitter!  Or facebook or blog for that matter. Just read a wonderful article about Ivy Bean, a young (104 y.o.) lady that I happen to be following on twitter.  I have been following her for a while, so it was cool to see the article and learn more about her. You can follow her on twitter @IvyBean104 and you can follow me @SeniorLivingExp Here is a link to the article from CNN.
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Touring independent living communities

Posted September 8, 2009
Today I will be touring more communities with a lovely lady in her 90's who has been in Florida for the past 30 years but is now lonely down there.  She is very independent but is considering moving back to Chicago where she was born, grew up, and where she raised her family.We had a lot of fun on Friday when we toured some communities in the city.  She would be able to move to any of them and they (luckily) are all within her budget its just a matter of her making a decision.  She asked me which one ...
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