How to Deal with a Difficult Sibling in Decision-making for an Aging Parent

Posted February 23, 2010
It seems that every day I have a similar conversation with friends and colleagues.  “I can’t get our family on the same page about our elderly parent.  It’s like my brother came in from another planet.”  I laughed the first time I heard that statement but realize that’s exactly how I felt about my brother! via www.transitionagingparents.comAnother great post on Dale's Blog.  Thanks for sharing so much of your personal story Dale, it helps us all!
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Three Observations on Senior Living | Blog | Healthcare Design

Posted February 22, 2010
We’re seeing more diversity in senior housing developments. Smaller developments – some with as few as six, eight or ten units – can easily come into single-family neighborhoods because they don’t have to change zoning requirements. On the other end of the spectrum, we’re also tracking larger senior housing facilities that are able to offer a wide range of services and amenities for residents. The larger developments are having difficulty finding financing in this market but the midsized developments – 40 to 80 units – are seeing some success. via
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Senior Living Experts helps son find senior living for isolated mother

Posted February 21, 2010
Recently we were contacted by a son regarding his lonely and isolated mother.  She was living along and was not able to care for her home as she had done in the past.  Her son took notice and contacted us right away.  Kerry answered all of his questions and helped him select a few places that would be the best fit for his mother. Although she was skeptical, his mom agreed to look into senior living.  They toured a few communities and fell in love with one that recently opened in the western suburbs. The staff understood that the transition ...
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Tax Deductions for Assisted Living Costs

Posted February 19, 2010
I am doing my taxes this week so it reminded me to post this.  I am not an accountant, I have to hire one because I could not even begin to figure out my taxes even if I used an EZ form.  So, I am not qualified to give you any advice on this subject.  But I can give you the link for the IRS form 502. Tax deductions for the cost of assisted living? I finally finished my taxes!  What a wonderful feeling to not have that looming over my head.  In fact the state of Illinois provided me ...
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What if your parents need money? Great article from

Posted February 18, 2010
An estimated 38 million Americans provide care to an aging relative. The president's proposed budget for 2011 adds $103 million for programs that help elderly adults stay in their homes through in-home services, transportation and other support programs. via
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55+ Housing a study of builders & buyers

Posted February 17, 2010
Metlife has released the second phase to Housing for the 55+ Market: Trends and Insights on Boomers and Beyond.  The study includes two surveys: one that examines current consumer preferences and home buying decisions and a second of National Association of Home Builder (NAHB) members involved in 55+ housing in 2008 and 2009.Key findings include: 63% plan to age in their current homes, 12% plan to buy another home, and 26% are unsure. The majority prefer the suburbs (32% close-in suburbs and 31% outlying suburbs). A rural community is preferred by 28%, and 9% want to live in a central ...
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Senior Living Advocates Assemble on Captiol Hill

Posted February 16, 2010
More than 120 ALFA members and senior living advocates from across the nation --from New York to California --left an impressive footprint on Capitol Hill last week with the largest single advocacy event ever held by the Assisted Living Federation of America.  Participants raised awareness of assisted living as a great  long term care option for seniors in more than 470 one-on-one meetings at 150 offices of Senators, House members and key committee staffers. The turnout was more than twice the size of last year’s fly-in.``This federal fly-in marked a turning point for the senior living industry’s outreach to the ...
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February is "Heart Healthy" Month

Posted February 15, 2010
Please join the Loyalton of Joliet for a Lunch & Learn with Genesis Rehab ServicesOn how to keep your Heart Healthy!!!! When: February 17, 2010Time: 12:00pmWhere: The Loyalton of Joliet3320 Executive Dr.Joliet, IL 60431  Please RSVP(815) 725-2364 – ask for Stacyfor updates on other local community events, follow us on facebook!
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'Miracle' makes Valentine's Day so sweet for two golden oldies – San Bernardino County Sun

Posted February 14, 2010
The two met at the breakfast table at Emeritus Senior Living on June 15. It was Plummer's first day at the swanky assisted living facility on Barton Road, and the 84-year-old Vecchetti had been living there for about eight months. via What a great story for Valentines Day. I love hearing stories of those finding love in Senior Living. Have a great day everyone!
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Seniors for Living's list of helpful caregiving resources on Twitter

Posted February 14, 2010
Thank you to Seniors for Living for compiling a helpful list of Caregiving resources that they follow on Twitter.  Thank you especially for including @seniorlivingexp we are honored to be part of such a great group of people!You can also follow me on Facebook!
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