How to Talk with Parents About Assisted Living

Posted July 25, 2011
When it's time to discuss assisted living, no one wants to do it. There are risks of hurt feelings, offending your parents, or even suggestions that you 'don't care' about them or don't want to take care of them yourself. Fortunately, the right way to approach the situation will help you avoid all of these issues. In order to get the right outcome and send the right message, here are some things to keep in mind. -Don't gang up on the person. While it might seem effective to have the whole family present, when your loved one sees all of ...
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Hot Weather Safety Tips For Older Adults

Posted July 21, 2011
Please check out these tips for staying cool in Chicago for the next few days and don't forget to call 311 for a wellness check if there is a senior in your building or neighborhood that you are worried about! The National Weather Service in Chicago expects the hot and humid temperatures to remain in Chicago until Sunday. During this time, high temperatures are expected to remain in the 80s and 90s, including at night. Heat Indices of around 105 degrees are possible each day through Sunday, and an Excessive Heat Warning will be in effect from Wednesday morning through ...
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