McKnight's guest blogger shares strategies

Posted October 31, 2012
  Here's solid information a guest blogger on McKnight's Blog shares... Top 10 nursing home strategies to avoid hospital admissions Hospitalizations of frail nursing home residents can result in higher costs, complications, and death. Fifteen percent of long-term nursing home residents are hospitalized in any given six-month period, and 40% of these admissions are considered inappropriate. Properly managing hospital admissions is essential for controlling healthcare costs and improving patient health outcomes. Here are 10 strategies that can assist a nursing home toward achieving this goal.   To continue reading the entire article click HERE SOURCE
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Posted October 30, 2012 once again proves it's value helping those navigating the world of caregiving.    11 Signs it Might Be Time for Assisted Living By Paula Spencer Scott, senior editor The decision to help an aging adult move out of the family home is a complex one -- both emotionally and practically. Above all, you want the person to be safe and well. How can you all feel more confident that circumstances suggest your loved one should no longer be living alone?   To continue reading the entire article click HERE
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The New York Times: The Hunt for an Affordable Hearing Aid

Posted October 29, 2012
Does you loved one have a hearing aide?  Where did they find theirs? Image Source: Wiki Images The Hunt for an Affordable Hearing Aid By TRICIA ROMANO The crackling noises coming from my left ear weren’t a good sign. Last year, when my decade-old analog hearing aid started making popping sounds, I knew I had to replace it. But because hearing aids are so costly and generally aren’t covered by insurance, I had put it off. I soon learned that in the last 10 years, purchasing a hearing aid had become even more difficult and confusing than buying a new car — and ...
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The New York Times: Settlement Eases Rules for Some Medicare Patients

Posted October 26, 2012
Sometimes it seems like certain laws are designed for failure, such as being denied coverage for a condition that is not improving when the condition never will.  As tragic as that is, it's good to see that things are changing and coverage will be extended to those who need it most! Settlement Eases Rules for Some Medicare Patients By ROBERT PEAR WASHINGTON — Tens of thousands of people with chronic conditions and disabilities may find it easier to qualify for Medicare coverage of potentially costly home health care, skilled nursing home stays and outpatient therapy under policy changes planned by the Obama administration. ...
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Senior Living Industry at a Crossroads; Improving Aging Experience is Key

Posted October 25, 2012
A look into what needs to happen to ensure a better environment for our current and future seniors, from Senior Housing News.  Taking care of our seniors will in turn help create a better society. Senior Living Industry at a Crossroads; Improving Aging Experience is Key Written by Alyssa Gerace The senior living industry is at a crossroads, and the decisions made today will have a far-reaching impact on the future, said Larry Minnix, president of LeadingAge, a nonprofit trade association of senior living providers, during the group’s annual meeting held this year in Denver, Colo.   To continue reading the ...
read more How to Have Strong Communication With Medical Staff

Posted October 24, 2012
 I wanted to share more great information from How to Have Strong Communication With Medical Staff By Melanie Haiken, senior editor Know your role when communicating with medical staff As a caregiver, you have a vital role to play in the relationship between the person in your care and his medical care providers. Improving the communication between him and medical staff involves attention to detail, an ability to see both sides, consideration of his emotional as well as physical symptoms, and a willingness to face the most difficult news. You'll realize the benefits in his treatment and in the time ...
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New Old Age: Advice for Dealing With Multiple Ailments

Posted October 23, 2012
I can't image how difficult it would be to cope with just one of these illnesses, let alone more than one.  To make matters worse, having to deal with the difficulty from prescription drugs affecting others and all the symtoms that come with?  Does this sounds familiar?  Is your loved one suffering from multiple ailments?  Maybe this article will shed some light on familiar symptoms and it will help kick start a way to find cohension within their care. Advice for Dealing With Multiple Ailments By PAULA SPAN Here’s the problem: A majority of older adults, the medical literature shows, are ...
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Free Webinar: Planning Ahead for Independence: The Upside of Downsizing

Posted October 22, 2012
Cantata Adult Life Services let us know about this free webinar.  Webinars are great because they give you the luxury of participating from home -- just follow along as your schedule allows.  Please let us know if you participate!    Planning Ahead for Independence: the Upside of Downsizing Wednesday, October 24, 2012, 12-12:30 p.m. This webinar will help participants: Define what "independence" looks like as an individual ages Address the need to plan ahead for independence Cover when to plan and what to plan for Address the upside of downsizing Learn what you can do now to prepare a home for future sale ...
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AARP: 5 Must-Read Job-Hunting Books (for over 50)

Posted October 19, 2012
I've been featuring a lot of books lately, huh?  It seems like I keep bumping into some great ones and mostly those featured on AARP -- such a great source!  Today they are all about finding a job when you've maybe already had an entire career.  Should you find yourself in this position, hang in there as these points of reference are sure to give you an edge.  Enjoy the weekend! These key books will guide boomers on the path to career reinvention by: Christina Lanzito | from: AARP Looking for a job is tough at any age. When you're over ...
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The New York Times: A Risky Lifeline for the Elderly Is Costing Some Their Homes

Posted October 18, 2012
Have you read this article from The New York Times?  Seniors need your help in making large financial decisions when there's the threat of getting taken advantage of.   A Risky Lifeline for the Elderly Is Costing Some Their Homes By JESSICA SILVER-GREENBERG The very loans that are supposed to help seniors stay in their homes are in many cases pushing them out. Reverse mortgages, which allow homeowners 62 and older to borrow money against the value of their homes and not pay it back until they move out or die, have long been fraught with problems....    To continue reading the ...
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