Visiting the Elderly

Posted December 26, 2012
Still making your Holiday rounds? provides some helpful tips...     11 Tips for a Terrific Visit With an Elderly Loved One By Paula Spencer Scott, senior editor Unsure what to say or do when you visit an older loved one? Worry about running out things to say? Many people make brief visits to those in assisted living, rehab facilities, or nursing homes -- or avoid visiting completely -- because they dread awkward moments.  Please don't let these concerns stop you from visiting... To contiue reading the entire article click HERE
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Staying Independent in Old Age, With a Little Help

Posted December 24, 2012
I'll be back on Wednesday with regularly scheduled posts.  Merry Christmas Eve!   Staying Independent in Old Age, With a Little Help By JANE E. BRODY My 92-year-old aunt, who is cognitively impaired and requires a walker or wheelchair to get around, still lives in her own apartment, where round-the-clock home health aides help her get to and from the bathroom, bathe, dress and undress, and go outside each day for some fresh air...   To continue reading the entire article click HERE SOURCE
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AAPR: Dealing With Grief During the Holidays

Posted December 21, 2012
Sorry to end the week on a sad note, but grief & death do not care it's the Holidays.  My hope is that this article helps to provide some comfort during a difficult time you and your family or in my case friends (a dear friend just lost her Grandmother this week) may be experiencing.   Take solace in the weekend and remember, although it may feel like it, at least the world didn't actually end today!  Sorry Mayans. 10 things to help get you through this difficult time by: Amy Goyer | from: AARP  Grieving the loss of a loved one is ...
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Posted December 19, 2012
This information might be old news, but with the stress the Holidays can bring these tips from can act as a reminder to help make sure you loved ones are getting the sleep they need. 5 Practical Tips to Help You Sleep Better By Laurie Udesky, senior editor Quick summary As we age, the architecture of our sleep changes dramatically. The deep, delectable sleep in which we're oblivious to the outside world and its sounds, called slow wave sleep, becomes shorter and more elusive. Our total sleep time also declines. Infants sleep an average of 11.6 hours per night, but by ...
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Posted December 13, 2012 suggest how little adjustments to the lighting in the home can have a big impact... 8 Types of Good Lighting Your Loved One With Depression Needs By Paula Spencer Scott, senior editor Are your loved one's living spaces well lit? Good lighting can reduce depression for people with dementia. It may also slow cognitive decline and the loss of functional abilities, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association...    To continue reading the entire article click HERE
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AARP: Retirement Planning

Posted December 7, 2012
Some helpful tips from AARP.  Have a great weekend! Should You Rent or Own in Retirement? How to make this key decision in today’s unusual housing market by: Jean Chatzky When the time comes to make your next move — whether it's across the country to a sought-after retirement destination or across town to a place with more amenities — you have to make one decision off the bat: Do you buy? Or do you rent? That's never been an easy call, and this tepid housing market makes it even more difficult.   To continue reading the entire article click HERE SOURCE
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Posted December 5, 2012
Apply these tips to your home and you'll always feel comfort... 7 Design Secrets for a House You Can Live in Forever By Paula Spencer Scott, senior editor The words dream house may conjure up fantasy amenities and custom trims. But smart homeowners also imagine a home they can live in forever -- with a young family, through busy midlife, and with many of the common physical limitations that getting older can bring, from arthritis to needing a wheelchair.   To continue reading the entire article click HERE
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AARP: What Caregivers Don't Tell Anyone

Posted December 3, 2012
Do you find yourself relating to this?  You are not alone! What Caregivers Don’t Tell Anyone Posted by Sally Abrahms  “Sally Abrahms can take her crown off now!” Ouch. That was one response to my story that recently ran in the AARP Bulletin explaining common emotions (guilt, grief, exhaustion) family caregivers have and strategies for dealing with them. I was writing about my own experience — I’m a long distance caregiver, not someone who lives 24/7 with a sick or chronically needy parent — as well as what I have observed from my work...   To continue reading the entire article click HERE SOURCE
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