The AARP Caregiving Blog asks…

Posted January 31, 2013
I thought this was something worth sharing since it poses some great ideas on capitalizing on the skills you've been exercizing as the family caregiver.  After all, with the increasing need for quality care, the world just may be your oyster. What’s Next After Caregiving? 5 Things to Consider by Sally Abrahms You won’t always be a family caregiver. At some point, you may choose to ramp up your work hours, change jobs or careers or do meaningful volunteering. You might be able to take the skills you’ve gained from caregiving.   To continue reading the entire article click HERE SOURCE
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Mayo Clinic: Alzheimer's Blog

Posted January 30, 2013
I wanted to share this as a follow up from our earlier blog post on Alzheimer's ... Research advances, but real caring is also key in Alzheimer's effort By Angela Lunde Many of you may have seen a New York Times article a week or two ago by Judith Graham titled, "United States Lags in Alzheimer's Support." The article talks about the recently released report from the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging on how the United States, Australia, France, Japan and Britain are responding to growing numbers of older adults with Alzheimer's and other dementias.   To continue reading the ...
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The Big-Brother Model of Assisted Living

Posted January 29, 2013
How would you feel about using a monitoring system to watch over your loved one?  This article from The Atlantic highlights how senior living homes are keeping tabs on their residents... Sensors installed in nursing homes and even individual residences are helping nurses monitor seniors' health, but questions remain about cost, and privacy. In an inconspicuous control room at the Sioux Falls, S.D., headquarters of the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society, nurses keep round-the-clock watch on motion and humidity sensors in the living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms of elderly men and women in five different states.   To continue reading the ...
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New Old Age: Medical Issues

Posted January 28, 2013
I wanted to pass on the latest from Paula Span, for New Old Age.  How do you feel about this new addition of Mild Cognitive Disorder?  I think both sides (Early detection vs Over diagnosis) pose good arguements. Time to Recognize Mild Cognitive Disorder? By PAULA SPAN The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, published and periodically updated by the American Psychiatric Association, is one of those documents few laypeople ever read, but many of us are affected by.   To continue reading the entire article click HERE SOURCE
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CNN: Living

Posted January 25, 2013
Senior Living Experts would love to hear from you...  Do your Grandparents use the latest technology?  Mine, not so much.  They still swear by their typewriter, will never have the internet and don't even use call waiting!  I would love to be able to Skype with them, but I'm just happy my Mom has joined the tech world and so I can at least text with her.   Have a great weekend! Grandparents get tech savvy to keep in touch By Shanon Cook, CNN (CNN) -- When my parents bought their first mobile phones about 10 years ago, I didn't think they'd ever ...
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New Old Age: Arts & Culture

Posted January 24, 2013
Have you guys seen this movie?  I haven't, but a friend was still reeling from it hours after she saw it this past weekend.  That combined with this article makes me want to see it.  Crazy I know, but I'm intrigued... The Brutal Truth of ‘Amour’ By PAULA SPAN It has been a few days since I left the movie theater in a bit of a daze, and I’m still thinking about “Amour.” So much of this already much-honored film rings utterly true: the way a long-married Parisian couple’s daily routines, their elegant life of books and music and art, can ...
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Mayo Clinic: Healthy Aging

Posted January 23, 2013
I thought this check list would provide a good road map to those considering home care services for their loved one...  Home care services: Questions to ask By Mayo Clinic staff Home care services range from medical care to help with daily household chores. If you're considering home care services, ask these questions to choose the best provider for your needs. If you're recovering from surgery or need long term care for a chronic illness — or you have a loved one facing a similar situation — you may be interested in home care services...   To continue reading the ...
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2013 Employment Index

Posted January 22, 2013
We received an email over the three day weekend from with this great infograph. Good to see Chicago on top!  Here's what they said...  Caregiverlist Employment Index Highlights Need for More Caregivers  As America’s seniors are living longer, while often needing some care assistance for some of those years, the senior care industry has grown by 40% since 2008, which more than 1,258 senior home care agency franchises opening their doors.  This means anyone looking for fulfilling employment may consider the senior care industry as an attractive career that will provide ongoing job opportunities. SOURCE
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Senior Housing Trends

Posted January 18, 2013
Senior Housing News shares the top trends for the new year...  Top 10 Trends in Senior Housing for 2013 Written by George Yedinak While many fears may have subsided with the passage of the Fiscal Cliff legislation regarding individual taxes and other issues, fear, uncertainty and doubt remain over what it means to grow old in America—and how to pay for it.   To continue reading the entire article click HERE SOURCE
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End of Life Care

Posted January 17, 2013
An article from New Old Age to help prepare for the difficult decision of hospice care... Preparing for a Loved One to Die at Home By SUSAN SELIGER Most of us, when asked about how and where we want to die, answer simply “at home.” Making that happen is not always as simple as it sounds. After a post in November, “Turning a Home into a Hospital,” some readers of this blog left comments asking what equipment they needed on hand and what other steps they needed to take to make that last wish a reality.   To continue reading the ...
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