Young Adult Caregivers

Posted February 20, 2013
Are you a younger Caregiver?  I wanted the share this Chicago Tribune article on the expierence of one young woman who made the decision to be closer to home to help out.  It also provides tips to help you balance being young & caregiving.   Young caregivers have outlets to aid the cause January 25, 2013|Carolyn Bigda When Leah Drew started a mater's degree in French in 2005, she was 22. But that summer, she, along with her younger sister and father, received dreaded news: her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and would eventually need round-the-clock care.   To ...
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How to help a caregiver:

Posted February 4, 2013
I wanted to show how helping a Caregiver can be quite simple, if you know the right things to say. These helpful tips from the Mayo Clinic gives you a roadmap for effective helping! Alzheimer's care is a round-the-clock job. When you offer to help an Alzheimer's caregiver, be specific — and gently persistent. By Mayo Clinic staff Alzheimer's caregivers need all the support they can get.  If you know someone who's caring for a loved one who has Alzheimer's disease, here's how to help...   To continue reading the entire article click HERE SOURCE
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