Senior Housing News: Caregiving Lessons from Abroad

Posted March 29, 2013
I wanted to share this Senior Housing News look into what a couple of other countries are doing to provide for their aging population -- If only the US could get its act together as well as The Netherlands have! At least it's good to know we are studying these more sucessful models.   Have a great Easter weekend!  U.S. Senior Living Model Could Use Some “Lessons from Abroad” Written by Alyssa Gerace The U.S. may be a leader in the senior living community industry, but that doesn’t preclude it from taking some cues from other nations’ aging in place models as healthcare ...
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AARP Blog: Caregiving

Posted March 28, 2013
The AARP shares how some organizations are successfully taking care of those with no one... Older, Homeless, No Family Caregiver — What Do They Do? by Sally Abrahms Get ready to see more older homeless men and women on the street. Since most don’t have families or are estranged from them, there’s no family caregiver.   To continue reading the entire article click HERE SOURCE
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New Old Age: Family Relationships

Posted March 27, 2013
I really want to share this moving and personal account of life as a Caregiver during and after...    Suddenly, They’re All Gone By CAROL MITHERS Caring for the old is just like parenting an infant, only on really bad acid. It’s all there: the head-spinning exhaustion, the fractured brain, the demands and smells. Only this time with the knowledge that it won’t get better. To continue reading this entire article click HERE SOURCE
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McKnight's: A Congress Update on Healthcare

Posted March 26, 2013
Here's a brief summary from McKnight's on the latest happenings with the healthcare/budget debate... Debate over healthcare spending continues as House, Senate pass budgets Both houses of Congress passed budgets late last week, setting up the next phase of the ongoing debate over healthcare spending. To continue reading the entire article click HERE SOURCE
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Mayo Clinic: Alzheimer's: Helping children understand the disease

Posted March 25, 2013
Having a tough time explaining things to the little ones?  Here's a great guideline from the Mayo Clinic to help them understand what's happening. Alzheimer's affects everyone in the family — including the kids. Reassure your child with simple, honest explanations of the disease. By Mayo Clinic staff Watching a loved one progress through the stages of Alzheimer's disease can be frightening, even for adults. Imagine being a child struggling to understand why grandma is acting so strangely or can't remember who you are. You can help by offering comfort and support when needed. To continue reading the entire article ...
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AARP: Are You Ambivalent About Your Caregiving Role?

Posted March 22, 2013
I wanted to share this because it has got to be a common feeling among Caregivers.  It's totally normal, but that fact doesn't help with feeling better.  This article does; read it for some advise on managing those emotions...   Learn strategies for dealing with difficult feelings by Barry J. Jacobs, AARP I have a confession to make: I resent driving my 82-year-old mother to visit her husband, my demented stepfather, at the smelly, crowded and unpleasant nursing home where he now is confined. On the 20-minute ride there, I grip the steering wheel and silently seethe. I'm irritable while she ...
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Local Event: Alzheimer’s Musical

Posted March 21, 2013
Here's a fun and inspiring activity to do this weekend or next.  They actually reopened this show since it was such a hit. Time of Your Life Players present “Rock ’n’ Roll AD” a new, original one-act musical, which takes the audience on a wild ride as Roy gets his band together for one last tour and then is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Roy’s unbreakable spirit, sense of humor, and irreverent attitude allow him to continue the tour and learn how to live with the disease. We are thrilled to be presenting our ninth original musical in partnership with ...
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New Old Age: The Caregiver's Bookshelf

Posted March 20, 2013
New Old Age shares another book to add to your caregiving collection where architect Deborah Pierce shows us accessible design can look amazing too.       Source: Amazon, $18.45   The Unobstructed Home By PAULA SPAN The houses photographed for Deborah Pierce’s book, “The Accessible Home: Designing for All Ages & Abilities,” look so inviting that I want to move in. To continue reading the entire article click HERE SOURCE
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AAPR: How to Choose an Elder Mediator

Posted March 19, 2013
Maybe it's denial when dementia "sneaks up" on a loved one or maybe it just takes a turn for the worst, very quickly.  Either way, should you find yourself here, know you are not alone and yes, it is very difficult to decide what and how to do -- especially when you aren't the only one deciding!  This AAPR article suggests hiring someone who's trained to navigate these waters and I think it's worth the money, at the very least a one hour session.  You can learn a lot in an hour.   Here's the best way to find someone ...
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Mayo Clinic: Alzheimer's Blog

Posted March 18, 2013
The Mayo Clinic offers an inspiring recount of why conferences provide such a support system and the key to getting through tough times with dementia.  Teamwork unites caregivers, those with dementia By Angela Lunde The Meeting of the Minds Dementia Conference 2013 has ended. After many years of planning and participating in these conferences, they're beginning to feel a bit like a family reunion. While most of the faces I see are still new, more and more are familiar and oh-so-special. To continue reading the entire article click HERE SOURCE
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