AARP: Are You Ambivalent About Your Caregiving Role?

Posted March 22, 2013
I wanted to share this because it has got to be a common feeling among Caregivers.  It's totally normal, but that fact doesn't help with feeling better.  This article does; read it for some advise on managing those emotions...   Learn strategies for dealing with difficult feelings by Barry J. Jacobs, AARP I have a confession to make: I resent driving my 82-year-old mother to visit her husband, my demented stepfather, at the smelly, crowded and unpleasant nursing home where he now is confined. On the 20-minute ride there, I grip the steering wheel and silently seethe. I'm irritable while she ...
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AAPR: How to Choose an Elder Mediator

Posted March 19, 2013
Maybe it's denial when dementia "sneaks up" on a loved one or maybe it just takes a turn for the worst, very quickly.  Either way, should you find yourself here, know you are not alone and yes, it is very difficult to decide what and how to do -- especially when you aren't the only one deciding!  This AAPR article suggests hiring someone who's trained to navigate these waters and I think it's worth the money, at the very least a one hour session.  You can learn a lot in an hour.   Here's the best way to find someone ...
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Guest Blogger shares tips to stay active

Posted March 13, 2013
With Spring around the corner, albeit a little further than we like at the moment, it's still good to think about getting back outside and being active!  I know I've been already dreaming of this, so today we bring you a guest blogger who's main focus are seniors and wellness.   5 Tricks to Stay Active at Retirement  written by  Andy, Patient Handling Australia Who would not want retirement? It means freedom. No more morning rush hours, report deadlines, work pressures and taunting faces of superiors. Another good thing is that retired people nowadays live longer and stay active. Retiring ...
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Mayo Clinic: Living wills and advance directives for medical decisions

Posted March 11, 2013
These are never easy discussions, but it's always better to have a plan in place.  The Mayo Clinic helps you understand what you need to think about for yourself & as Caregivers, ask your loved one so you'll one day be better prepared. Living wills and advance directives for medical decisions... By Mayo Clinic staff Living wills and other advance directives describe your preferences regarding treatment if you're faced with a serious accident or illness. These legal documents speak for you when you're not able to speak for yourself — for instance, if you're in a coma. To continue reading ...
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AARP: 6 Tax Tips for Family Caregivers

Posted March 8, 2013
Now that we're into March, April is that much closer.  While we no doubt welcome Spring, here in Chicago, the dreaded tax deadline can make people cringe; evenmoreso if you're a Caregiver.  Fear not, the AAPR sheds light on some tax-related questions.   Have a great weekend and don't forget to set the clock forward on Saturday night!  Woohoo! Learn what to do to save money, qualify for some federal breaks by Judi Hasson, AARP If you're paying all or part of the cost of caring for a parent or another relative, you may qualify for some federal tax breaks. And who ...
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