Posted April 5, 2007

I saw this in a newsletter that I receive and wanted to pass it along as I do get asked this a lot.  This is a minimum as there are also various trusts to consider to prevent your money (or your parents or spouse’s money) from getting tied up in probate…

Here they are:

A will
with an executor, who is alive and able to fulfill his duties,

A durable power of attorney for financial which gives the power to someone the senior trusts to access her finances when needed

A living will that outlines health directives in case of emergency and end of life with a HIPAA release

A healthcare proxy, a person who has the legal right to carry out the senior’s healthcare wishes

A Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order. The healthcare proxy doesn’t have to invoke it but has the right to make a decision according to the senior’s wishes.

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