Posted August 18, 2009

Still dreaming about that ice cream.  But I was reminded of another tour I went on a few years ago.  This was for a large independent living community, and I was with a potential resident.  The marketing person took us into the dining room to show us where meals were served.  We were getting the old "restaurant style dining" presentation but I wasn't having any of it.

There, on the tables, by each plate, was a piece of white bread wrapped in saran wrap with a wee little tub of (extra hydrogenated) margarine on top.  Some choice they had there.  No rolls, no wheat bread.  White bread in saran wrap.  Possibly one of the least nutritious food substances out there. 

I feel that there are two important goals in serving meals in these communities.

1. Socialization

2. Nutrition.  Anyone can eat white bread at home.

Needless to say, my client did not choose to move into that property.

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