Posted July 16, 2009

Read this story in my local paper, the Chicago Tribune but the original article was in the The Des Moines Register,

An assisted living community in Iowa called Fieldcrest assisted living decided to go a couple steps further than the traditional "activities" and asked residents what there dreams were.  They sent out questionnaires and 34 were returned.

Nine months and hundreds of dollars in donations later, they were able to grant all 34 wishes!!  They set the dining room up like a game show and had each resident "Come On Down!" – as each one came down their wish was granted. 

One resident was visited by Army pals who shared a tent with him on
the Japanese island of Okinawa!! Another resident was presented with a computer and tutors from a local community college to learn how to email.

Please click on the Tribune link above to read the whole article!

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