Posted August 7, 2009

Last month, 25 residents for the Cascades Assisted Living in Bethel CT got the chance of a lifetime.  A wish to ride in a hot air balloon was granted.

I had always wanted to take a ride in one myself.  My dad had a customer who actually owned one, but every time he was available, I was not.  Finally, after my senior year in college my best friends then boyfriend, now husband, figured out how to get us on one.  I was so excited.  I forgot to ask how it was going to get back on the land after it went into the air.  Low and behold, one of the ladies quoted at the assisted living community said “I just want to know how we’re going to get down.”

Stories like these keep me going.  assisted living communities that go the extra mile like this to make dreams happen should be celebrated.

I found the article about the assisted living residents taking the ballon rides (in their 80’s) on the newstimes.com website.  It is worth the read as it also talks about a friendship and some sledding activities in the winter… 🙂

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