Posted January 10, 2008

My cousin Margaret emailed this video to my family today.  She said "I think Aunt Bessie has been reincarnated.  All I could think of while watching this video is that that is exactly what she would have done….."  I hope all of you have a family member like this. 

Our Great Aunt Bessie was the best.  She never had any children of her own so all of my grandmothers grandchildren (her sister) became her own.  We loved her as much as you would love your grandmother – and lots of times it was for reasons like this.. she was always up for doing something fun and was very young at heart!  The stories she would tell…. the patience & love she had for all of us.  She will never be forgotten.

Margaret used to be her primary caregiver in Aunt Bessie’s later years before she moved to an assisted living.  (She later passed away from complications of Alzheimer’s disease.) I thank Margaret and her husband Frank for all that she did for our aunt, and I am envious of the memories she must have…

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