Posted February 23, 2007

Earlier this week, as I was talking with a son about his mom, I had a very real Alzheimer’s moment.  One of those things that happens.  Those warning signs.  Those ‘safety’ concerns…

Here I was talking to this gentleman about his mom’s safety and how moving out of her large home into an independent living community would give the both of them piece of mind. 

And then I smelled the most horrible smell in the world.

I had been steaming some vegetables (using the steamer my grandmother gave me) in one of my beautiful Calphalon pots and *forgot* about it.  I had taken the veggies out but forgot to turn off the stove and therefore the water boiled away and I cooked my pot.  Luckily, after a good soak, the pot was as good as new.

But now I think I might need at least move to a place that provides meals… at least I know a bunch of good ones!  🙂

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