Posted May 4, 2008

Sometimes I think your body just gets so used to constant stress, that you don’t even realize how stressed out you are.  I personally just sold my condo for sale by owner, just bought a new condo, went through the nightmare of a mortgage application.  I also run a business and just got married.  Yet, for some reason when I start breaking out I can’t believe that I could actually be stressed out.  I almost need someone else to point out to me everything I have been through in the past few months to admit that I might be a little stressed…

I have also been thinking about this a lot lately because I just heard the story of a family member who is caring for his wife with Alzheimer’s.

He has been her primary caregiver for years.  They finally got her to go to day care which has provided some respite but not enough.  He has lost lots of weight.  He is very emotional.  He is not thinking or acting rationally.  He has many family members telling him its past time to put his wife in assisted living.  He still thinks she is not ready.

Yet, if he doesn’t start taking care of himself, what could happen?  Maybe he won’t get to decide what or who takes care of her if he doesn’t start thinking about himself and taking care of himself.

assisted living is not always the solution for everyone.  But in this case, they can afford it and they have researched their options.  Its time.

But maybe its time for him to do a self assessment in regards to the stress he is under.  When its constantly building every day for this many years, I don’t think you realize how stressed out you are because you have almost built you tolerance for it.

Perhaps I will suggest he take this quiz on the AARP website.

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