Mayo Clinic: Exercising with osteoporosis: Stay active the safe way

Posted April 8, 2013
Staying fit while aging can be tricky, but so essential for a longer, happier life.  The key is figuring out the best way to stay active for your body.  I wanted to share what the Mayo Clinic  provides for those who suffer from osteoporosis & ways to stay active while being good to your bones. If you have osteoporosis, you might mistakenly think exercise will lead to fracture. In fact, though, using your muscles helps protect your bones. By Mayo Clinic staff Osteoporosis is a major cause of disability in older women. So if you have osteoporosis, how can you reduce ...
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AARP: Are You Ambivalent About Your Caregiving Role?

Posted March 22, 2013
I wanted to share this because it has got to be a common feeling among Caregivers.  It's totally normal, but that fact doesn't help with feeling better.  This article does; read it for some advise on managing those emotions...   Learn strategies for dealing with difficult feelings by Barry J. Jacobs, AARP I have a confession to make: I resent driving my 82-year-old mother to visit her husband, my demented stepfather, at the smelly, crowded and unpleasant nursing home where he now is confined. On the 20-minute ride there, I grip the steering wheel and silently seethe. I'm irritable while she ...
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AAPR: How to Choose an Elder Mediator

Posted March 19, 2013
Maybe it's denial when dementia "sneaks up" on a loved one or maybe it just takes a turn for the worst, very quickly.  Either way, should you find yourself here, know you are not alone and yes, it is very difficult to decide what and how to do -- especially when you aren't the only one deciding!  This AAPR article suggests hiring someone who's trained to navigate these waters and I think it's worth the money, at the very least a one hour session.  You can learn a lot in an hour.   Here's the best way to find someone ...
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Mayo Clinic: Living wills and advance directives for medical decisions

Posted March 11, 2013
These are never easy discussions, but it's always better to have a plan in place.  The Mayo Clinic helps you understand what you need to think about for yourself & as Caregivers, ask your loved one so you'll one day be better prepared. Living wills and advance directives for medical decisions... By Mayo Clinic staff Living wills and other advance directives describe your preferences regarding treatment if you're faced with a serious accident or illness. These legal documents speak for you when you're not able to speak for yourself — for instance, if you're in a coma. To continue reading ...
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Young Adult Caregivers

Posted February 20, 2013
Are you a younger Caregiver?  I wanted the share this Chicago Tribune article on the expierence of one young woman who made the decision to be closer to home to help out.  It also provides tips to help you balance being young & caregiving.   Young caregivers have outlets to aid the cause January 25, 2013|Carolyn Bigda When Leah Drew started a mater's degree in French in 2005, she was 22. But that summer, she, along with her younger sister and father, received dreaded news: her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and would eventually need round-the-clock care.   To ...
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How to help a caregiver:

Posted February 4, 2013
I wanted to show how helping a Caregiver can be quite simple, if you know the right things to say. These helpful tips from the Mayo Clinic gives you a roadmap for effective helping! Alzheimer's care is a round-the-clock job. When you offer to help an Alzheimer's caregiver, be specific — and gently persistent. By Mayo Clinic staff Alzheimer's caregivers need all the support they can get.  If you know someone who's caring for a loved one who has Alzheimer's disease, here's how to help...   To continue reading the entire article click HERE SOURCE
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New Old Age: Arts & Culture

Posted January 24, 2013
Have you guys seen this movie?  I haven't, but a friend was still reeling from it hours after she saw it this past weekend.  That combined with this article makes me want to see it.  Crazy I know, but I'm intrigued... The Brutal Truth of ‘Amour’ By PAULA SPAN It has been a few days since I left the movie theater in a bit of a daze, and I’m still thinking about “Amour.” So much of this already much-honored film rings utterly true: the way a long-married Parisian couple’s daily routines, their elegant life of books and music and art, can ...
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AARP: Top 15 Superfoods for People Over 50

Posted January 9, 2013
I wanted to help inspire us all to stay healthy with this AARP article... Top 15 Superfoods for People Over 50 These delicious foods help protect eyes, lungs, heart and brain by Julia Bencomo Lobaco, AARP, December 21, 2012 Apples Apples contain soluble fiber, which may help lower cholesterol and slow the uptake of glucose, helping you maintain healthy blood sugar levels. They're also a super source of potassium, antioxidants and vitamin C.   To continue reading the entire article click HERE SOURCE
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Posted January 2, 2013
Another helpful list from Try these simple solutions to ease the crankies and boost everyone's mood. By Lara Belonogoff, staff writer One issue that family caregivers don't often talk about is how cranky everyone can get living under one roof -- especially if the person you're caring for is sometimes or often cranky. You know the toll that it can take on the entire household -- and how that person's mood can rub off on you. But how do you go about making your home a happier place? To continue reading the entire article click HERE
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Posted December 26, 2012
Still making your Holiday rounds? provides some helpful tips...     11 Tips for a Terrific Visit With an Elderly Loved One By Paula Spencer Scott, senior editor Unsure what to say or do when you visit an older loved one? Worry about running out things to say? Many people make brief visits to those in assisted living, rehab facilities, or nursing homes -- or avoid visiting completely -- because they dread awkward moments.  Please don't let these concerns stop you from visiting... To contiue reading the entire article click HERE
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