Tracking Seniors in the Future

Posted January 12, 2016
Tracking Seniors in the Future
Hopefully we can put fears to rest about tracking seniors and constantly monitoring their location in the future. While it may seem silly to some, the reality is that with the rate technology has changed and speculation about how to keep children from being kidnapped by using implanted GPS micro chips, you can easily see where this fear is based. The reality is that micro chipping a human is not currently a realistic technology. This article on micro chipping children explains it all. Tracking Seniors Shouldn't Be a Fear as We Age Technology - Current technology really isn't close to ...
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2014 Chicago Walk to End Alzheimer’s – New Team Kickoff Event

Posted August 21, 2014
On Sunday, September 28th, 2014 the Chicago Walk to End Alzheimer's is taking place at Montrose Harbor! The Chicago Walk Planning Committee of the Greater Illinois Chapter is hosting a New Team Kickoff on Thursday, August 28th, 2014 at Interface (345 N. Wells, 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL 60654). At this event, all of your Walk to End Alzheimer's questions will be answered and there will be food provided by local restaurant, Wow Bao.  It is a great opportunity to meet the planning committees and other teams leaders and find out how you can get more involved!  Personally, I love to volunteer ...
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Mayo Clinic: Diabetes and Alzheimer's linked

Posted April 22, 2013
Mayo Clinic shares how reasearch suggests these two are linked as well as ways to start preventation NOW... Diabetes may increase your risk of Alzheimer's. Reduce this risk by controlling your blood sugar.  Diet and exercise can help. By Mayo Clinic staff Diabetes and Alzheimer's disease are connected in ways that aren't completely understood. Though not all research confirms the connection, many studies indicate that people with diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, are at higher risk of eventually developing Alzheimer's disease or other dementias. To continue reading the article click HERE SOURCE
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Senior Housing News: Technology

Posted April 18, 2013
 Senior Housing News give a look at the new pill management system that will launch in the US later this year.  What do you think?    “Digital Pills” Could Help Senior Care With More Than Just Meds Written by Elizabeth Ecker Technology has already made waves in senior care through the use smart-sensor systems that can monitor residents’ movements, nearly eliminating the need for a room-by-room check each morning. To continue reading the entire article click HERE  SOURCE
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Mayo Clinic: On Gratitude

Posted April 15, 2013
When dealing with such adversity, it's hard to remember those things you do have to be thankful for.  This Mayo Clinic article is a great reminder to connect back with those positive thoughts... Take the time to find gratitude: You'll be happier, healthier April 3, 2013, By Angela Lunde This past week was the first "International Day of Happiness", an event organized by the United Nations to highlight the importance of well-being. I thought this was particularly timely as we've been discussing gratitude. Gratitude, it turns out, makes us happier and healthier. To continue reading the entire article click HERE SOURCE
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New Old Age: Caregiving From Another Continent

Posted April 10, 2013
I wanted to share these accounts of caregiving, that New Old Age featured, from the other side of the world.  Could you imagine? I'd love to know how far some of our Caregivers live from their loved ones! Caregiving From Another Continent By JUDITH GRAHAM Every day at 6 a.m., Sunil Pande phones his parents in Gurgaon, India, which is part of the greater New Delhi metropolitan area. If his 92-year-old father and his 85-year-old mother sound well, his day proceeds normally. But if something seems dangerously amiss, he has a difficult decision to make. To continue reading the entire article ...
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Mayo Clinic: Exercising with osteoporosis: Stay active the safe way

Posted April 8, 2013
Staying fit while aging can be tricky, but so essential for a longer, happier life.  The key is figuring out the best way to stay active for your body.  I wanted to share what the Mayo Clinic  provides for those who suffer from osteoporosis & ways to stay active while being good to your bones. If you have osteoporosis, you might mistakenly think exercise will lead to fracture. In fact, though, using your muscles helps protect your bones. By Mayo Clinic staff Osteoporosis is a major cause of disability in older women. So if you have osteoporosis, how can you reduce ...
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AARP: Health Bulletin

Posted April 5, 2013
How do you guys feel about these new Take Care Clinics at Walgrens (available in the dark gray states)?  I think it's a good thing, but not everyone is so sure.  Would love to hear your thoughts!     image source Walgreens Becomes 1st Retail Chain To Diagnose, Treat Chronic Conditions By Julia Appleby, Kaiser Health News. This story was produced in collaboration with USA Today It’s not just sore throats and flu shots anymore. Walgreens today became the first retail store chain to expand its health care services to include diagnosing and treating patients for chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes and ...
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New Old Age: Medical Issues

Posted March 14, 2013
To echo the sentiments of yesterday's post... here's more evidence, from New Old Age, to support why being active is so important as we age.  Falls still happen for those who are active, yes, but severity of injury & recovery time can be affected by how active one's lifestyle is.    Fear of Falling By HARLEY A. ROTBART, M.D. My 84-year-old father-in-law is a “flogger.” That’s the moniker his son gave him because Dad keeps a written record of every fall my 83-year-old mother-in-law takes. She has Parkinson’s disease, and the “flog” (fall log) of her spills has helped her doctors ...
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New Old Age: Health Care

Posted March 5, 2013
It's always great to read about new initiatives in healthcare, especially ones that not only involve helping our elderly, but focus on simplyfing things!  Which is why I wanted to share this artile from New Old Age with you.  What do you think about their list? For the Elderly, Medical Procedures to Avoid By PAULA SPAN The Choosing Wisely campaign, an initiative by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation in partnership with Consumer Reports, kicked off last spring. It is an attempt to alert both doctors and patients to problematic and commonly overused medical tests, procedures and treatments.   To ...
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