Caregivers' Concerns About Older Adults Driving and What to Do About It

Posted September 26, 2012
 More solid information from  Worried about an older adult's driving skills? You're not alone. Here's how to approach this sensitive issue. By Connie Matthiessen, senior editor Caregivers say that talking to an older adult about giving up the car keys is one of the most difficult -- and important -- tasks they face, according to a recent survey by in partnership with the National Safety Council.    To continue reading the entire article click HERE
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AARP: 9 Questions to Ask Before You Relocate

Posted September 12, 2012
Are you or your loved ones thinking about moving to retire?  The AAPR poses some questions to think about. 9 Questions to Ask Before You Relocate Are pensions taxed in your prospective new state? Are health care and climate good? by: Stacy Julien | August 29, 2012 You've made up your mind to move far away when you retire, to give yourself a fresh new start. You'll relocate to an affordable place of warm winters. There will be long leisurely readings of the newspaper over coffee, weekly tennis games and rounds of golf.   To continue reading the entire article click HERE ...
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New Transportation Alternative for 60+ on the North Side

Posted May 7, 2009
I just learned about a new service for seniors who need transportation.  And transportation is one of the major keys to independence.  Some people cannot drive and become isolated.  Some continue to drive even when they probably should not.  This could be a viable solution for some seniors. Fact: More than half of non-drivers 65 or older stay home on any given day partially because they lack transportation options. The program is community based and community supported.  There is an annual membership fee of $50 for an individual, and then you order a prepaid account card based on the estimated ...
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Mr. Bouey Returns To Share His Experience of a Lifetime at the Inauguration

Posted February 12, 2009
As a follow up to a post from last month - I wanted to share what Mr. Bouey had to say about his recent trip to the Inauguration of President Barack Obama... “I felt born again,” said Alfred Bouey, resident of Holley Court Terrace, a Brookdale senior living community in Oak Park, Ill. “I never dreamed this day would ever happen in American history. I have witnessed not only my greatest wish, but also the dream of my parents,” said Bouey, the grandson of slaves. “I’m still on cloud nine,” he said. Bouey began to get excited the morning he ...
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How to Choose a Retirement Community

Posted December 21, 2007
This past weekend I went to Florida.  For some reason the temperature just kept dropping, as if I had brought the Chicago cold with me. My parents just retired two weeks ago.  They have lived just south of Buffalo NY all of their lives and have decided to leave the snow behind for some sunshine. They investigated a few places on the Internet over the past year and had the opportunity to see a few in Florida earlier.  My mom was totally against the idea until they started visiting them. I met them down there and got to see what ...
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