Sunlight treatment could help nighttime wandering in people with Alzheimer’s, study suggests

Posted July 30, 2012
An article from McKnight's Long Term Care News on another possible breakthrough in caring for those with Alzheimer's...  Sunlight treatment could help nighttime wandering in people with Alzheimer's, study suggests McKnight's Staff // July 27, 2012 The tendency of Alzheimer's patients to wander at night could be tied to the quantity of daylight they're exposed to, new research finds. As a result, experts say that “light therapy” could be helpful in treating this behavior.   To continue reading the entire article click HERE SOURCE
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6 New Radio Interviews to Help You and Your Aging Parent

Posted October 11, 2010
Dale Carter, from Transition Aging Parents has announced her fall line up of interviews wiht authors and experts in senior living and caregiving.  She will be covering an array of topics that many of our readers will find helpful including helpful resources, insights to caregiving and actionable tools and strategies. I hope that one or all of these radio interviews will be helpful to you! (Archived recordings of previous interviews can be found at: live show show can be found at: 12th:  Sources of Financial Help for Your Aging Parent Patricia Grace, founder of and veteran eldercare advocate, ...
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More Questions Answered About Assisted Living Communities

Posted July 19, 2010
Today I am featuring the second part of Barbara's interview on assisted living with Laurene Hartman   Barbara Friesner – Do all assisted living communities provide for someone with dementia? Laurene Hartman – By and large, the answer to that question is yes. Most assisted living providers do have separate neighborhoods where they care for more moderate to advanced residents with cognitive issues.   At Sunrise, we believe it’s not enough that someone with cognitive, or more severe cognitive issues is in a secure, safe setting.  We believe it’s also how they’re treated, it’s how we best manage their situations, and ...
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Questions Answered About Assisted Living Communities

Posted July 18, 2010
This is a reprint of an article written by Barbara E. Friesner, The Country’s Leading Generational Coach from AgeWiseLiving Barbara is also the creator of "The Ultimate Caregivers Success System" which I have recommended to many caregivers. In this interview Barbara interviews Laurene Hartman, is the Director of Community Relations at Sunrise Senior Living in East Brunswick, New Jersey I wanted to share this article, because it is so in line with the questions we answer everyday.  Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts!   Barbara Friesner:  What is an assisted living community and what services does an assisted ...
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How to Deal with a Difficult Sibling in Decision-making for an Aging Parent

Posted February 23, 2010
It seems that every day I have a similar conversation with friends and colleagues.  “I can’t get our family on the same page about our elderly parent.  It’s like my brother came in from another planet.”  I laughed the first time I heard that statement but realize that’s exactly how I felt about my brother! via www.transitionagingparents.comAnother great post on Dale's Blog.  Thanks for sharing so much of your personal story Dale, it helps us all!
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Seniors for Living's list of helpful caregiving resources on Twitter

Posted February 14, 2010
Thank you to Seniors for Living for compiling a helpful list of Caregiving resources that they follow on Twitter.  Thank you especially for including @seniorlivingexp we are honored to be part of such a great group of people!You can also follow me on Facebook!
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Communicating in Alzheimer’s World

Posted February 10, 2010
Alzheimer's Reading Room: Communicating in Alzheimer's World  After repeatedly correcting my mother, telling her she just ate, and watching her get frustrated or angry, I finally realized something had to change -- this something was me. I had to change...... I love Bob's Blog, the Alzheimer's Reading room. This is one of my favorite articles because it speaks to anyone of us who has found themselves a little (.....) frustrated when trying to communicate with someone with Alzheimer's disease If you are in that situation now, take a second and click the link at the top of this post a ...
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Are You or Someone You Know Caring For an Elderly Loved One?

Posted December 16, 2009
A few years ago, I had the chance to meet Barbara Friesner, and Elder Care Expert and Founder of AgeWiseLiving.  A while ago, she created “The Ultimate Caregiver’s Success System” which I recommend to any caregiver dealing with an aging parent. Just in time for the holidays, she is offering $100 off AND a free upgrade on shipping so that you can order today and get it in time for Christmas.  It’s a great gift so I thought I would share some information on it!  I had them send me this description because I know she could explain it better ...
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Senior Living Choices Telesummit!

Posted October 25, 2009
Dale Carter from Transition Aging Parents is putting together a 4 part informational telesummit on all kinds of senior living options.  You can learn about aging in place (staying home), CCRC's, Assisted Living (from me!!!) and nursing homes.  I encourage any and all of my readers to sign up for free and to spread the word to friends or family who may also need this information!  The link to the sign up form is at the bottom of this blog post.----------------------------------------Do you have an aging parent? Are you a caregiver of an elderly person? Are you thinking ahead to your ...
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Sitting outside enjoying a cup of tea…

Posted September 9, 2009
You are never to old to twitter!  Or facebook or blog for that matter. Just read a wonderful article about Ivy Bean, a young (104 y.o.) lady that I happen to be following on twitter.  I have been following her for a while, so it was cool to see the article and learn more about her. You can follow her on twitter @IvyBean104 and you can follow me @SeniorLivingExp Here is a link to the article from CNN.
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