Posted January 25, 2013

Senior Living Experts would love to hear from you…  Do your Grandparents use the latest technology?  Mine, not so much.  They still swear by their typewriter, will never have the internet and don't even use call waiting!  I would love to be able to Skype with them, but I'm just happy my Mom has joined the tech world and so I can at least text with her.   Have a great weekend!

Grandparents get tech savvy to keep in touch

By Shanon Cook, CNN

(CNN) – When my parents bought their first mobile phones about 10 years ago, I didn't think they'd ever get the hang of using them. Mom would answer my call from the front of the line at Starbucks and say, "Hello darling, yes I'll take the tall thanks, what is it, James do you have any cash?" all in one breath. 



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