Posted March 5, 2007

They are setting up…. today I went to the Sheraton to check in and assist the ‘senior’ volunteers that we signed up.  They helped us put together the bags that each attendee will receive, complete with the conference guide which is as big as a phone book.  I can’t wait to go through it and find some interesting things to attend.  There are so many, the hard part is going to be deciding which ones to go to and man my post at the volunteer check desk.  If you are attending, stop by and say hello

Almost 4000 people are expected to attend from all over the country.  Its mind boggling to see all the different subjects and speakers and events that are going on this week.

Hopefully, if I am not too tired, I will report on all the new things that I learned and interesting people I meet while there.  Stay tuned!

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