Posted March 12, 2007

I really did mean to update the blog after every day of the conference.  But I was so tired.

I helped coordinate local seniors that volunteered to help the attendees find their way around the hotel(s) and Chicago.  They manned their posts in shifts from 7am until 5pm and I got to meet some really cool seniors in the process that love to volunteer.

When I wasn’t helping them get set, check in, answer a question or check out, I got to sit in on some of the sessions.  The book that listed them all was so huge it was hard to decide which ones to go to.  I was also trying to field calls from families interested in Senior Living Experts, so needless to say it was a tiring week and I feel bad that I did not get a chance to update. 

I did however gather a ton of information to write about so stay tuned!

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