Posted August 20, 2008

I received an email about this yesterday, and I am going to send a card this week.  Thought you might want to too!

Here is the info:

It’s the classic love story.  My mom was the high school cheerleader and my dad was the quarterback for the football team.  I remember reading the inscriptions in their High School yearbooks and they were the perfect couple.  They married at an early age and had the standard three children.  All was well in their world and life progressed.

In 1981 my father was diagnosed with chronic progressive Multiple Sclerosis. The symptoms were mild, at first and then as the diagnosis suggests, became more progressive.  For the last 15 years my father has been bed ridden and fully dependent on mom’s care.  Interestingly, Mom has been dependent on Dad’s spirit.

Through this whole ordeal, my parents have stayed true to their faith, their commitment and their love for each other.  This has been a mutual love affair that has unfolded before me and has taught me so much.

Three weeks from now, they will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary! They have equally split the “for better and for worse” times of their lives and I would love for them to receive a record number of cards to recognize their commitment.  If you feel moved to participate in honoring their dedication please send a card to

William and Carol Leff
1930 Geronimo Trail
Maitland , FL 32751

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