Posted January 29, 2009

Many people have asked me how business is and if any of what is going on with the economy is effecting it.

The answer is yes and no.  When we are dealing with a relatively independent senior who no longer wants to care for their home, make meals etc and is interested in all that independent living has to offer – I would have to say yes.  For many of them, they are wanting to wait until their home sells.  This is normal, but in these times we have to wait A LOT longer for the home to sell.  Many times they can't compete with other homes on the block as they are not always that updated if its the same home they have lived in for 50 years!

I have also been called by many of the local communities and they are feeling the pinch as well.  They are running tremendous rent specials.

When it comes to assisted living, there is not so much of a wait.  Usually the need out weighs the waiting for the home to sell.  However, I still have heard of some great pricing for assisted living this month.

Occasionally we have had an inquiry from a family that may be concerned with how long mom or dad's funds are going to last now that they have lost some money.  Luckily most seniors have not lost as much as they are usually invested in bonds or anything safer than stocks!  But some have lost a considerable percentage and now don't think mom or dad can stay as long as they had previously predicted.  But we have not received as many of these calls as I would have thought we might.

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