Posted March 26, 2011

Recently the The Society of Certified Senior Advisors published a new about the new health care reform bill and its affect on our seniors.

This guide was created in order to answer some of the most often-asked questions about the new health care reform bill, titled the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which was signed into law last t year. Each year the bill is slated to roll out new provisions that affect individuals, businesses, insurance companies, health care providers, and the government.

While it is possible that the bill will be modified over the years, whether by lawmakers or by the courts, it is important to understand the approaching provisions and what they mean now. The topics covered within include:

  • How will my Medicare benefits change?
  • What happens to my Medicare Part D coverage?
  • How are my income taxes affected?
  • What new assistance is available for long-term care?
  • How are seniors protected against abuse under health care reform?
  • Is there a timeline for when all of these take effect?
  • Where can I go for more information?

To get your free copy of the guide please visit www.csa.us/SeniorsHealthCareReform


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