Posted July 27, 2009


And at .46 a stamp I can relate!!

I read these articles about these seniors who are so old, and have so much advice to offer and just the most wonderful quotes ever.

This came from Walter Breuning, who at 112 years old is officially the worlds oldest man.  He lives in an assisted living community in Great Falls, Montana.  (What a beautiful state by the way – all that fresh air might have helped!)

He is so swamped with requests for interviews, that the assisted living home requests that those who would like to talk with him to to call and schedule ahead of time.

Apparently Walter doesn’t have time for some of the stupid questions.  The man is old after all he should be able to decide what he wants to answer and what he doesn’t

“Walter wants to answer the more intellectual questions, not whether he
has a girlfriend or what being the oldest man in the world means to him
— because living a long time means much less to him than living a good
life,” said Tina Bundtrock, the communities life engagement manager in the article I read in the Great Falls Tribune.  You can read the whole article,” Oldest man has hands full with media” here.

The wise old man also turned down the Tonight show because he doesn’t want to talk to people who make fun of other people, it just offends him.  Hmmm.  Maybe if someone learns to ask the right questions we will all be the wiser!

(Photo by Ryan Hall for the Great Falls Tribune)

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