Posted July 20, 2008

Comments from someone who JUST moved his wife after being her primary caregiver for years… The decision was extremely difficult and there were many tears and much second guessing.  Here is the report 5 days later:  (Names changed of course!)

Some good news to tell you about Catherine. She is adjusting to her new home wonderfully !!

She still has her bad moments, but her aides tell me that she is happy most of the time.

She seems to be the youngest person in her unit. I know that she is the most physically able. Most of them are in wheelchairs or use walkers. Not Catherine. She was up dancing to some 1940 music when Mike [son] and I walked in. She danced up to us…knew us …and gave us a tour of the place.

She was a little sad when we left.

This good news has lifted a huge burden from me. I now sleep through the night for the first time in eight years.

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