Posted May 21, 2012

Insurance can be very confusing to navigate and especially so when it comes time to making the switch into Medicare.  This week we will be featuring Medicare 101 in hopes that whether you or a loved one are approaching that stage or, you’re already there, you will find some helpful tips on dealing with it.  Please reach out if you have specific questions as we love hearing from our readers!


Medicare Starter Kit

What you most need to know

by: Patricia Barry | from: AARP Bulletin | Updated May 7, 2012

You’re a boomer. The milestone of your 65th birthday may be here or just over the horizon. But you know zip about Medicare. Do you need it? What does it cover? When should you sign up? Lots of questions — but don’t panic. You can get your head around Medicare with this guide to what you most need to know.


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