Posted November 3, 2009

I received an update on how we did back in September!  There were about 5,500 people present on the day of the walk which is amazing and to this day more than $850,000 was raised.

Thanks again to everyone who walked, who donated in general and who donated to me specifically!  I really appreciate your help year after year.

The Memory Walk dollars will be used ot support the programs of the Greater Illinois Chapter.  These programs include traditional and early-stage support groups that are attended by more than 450 individuals each month; family, community and professional education programs; a 24 hour helpline offered in 140 different languages and MedicaAlert/ Safe Return, a nationwide program that helps identify, locate and return people with memory loss who wander and become lost.

Special thanks go out to Mollie Shapiro, Manager of Special Events and Melissa Kast, Event Specialist for all their hard work and for letting me walk around with a clipboard looking important.

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