Posted September 14, 2009

We could not have planned for better weather yesterday for the Memory Walk.  After the monsoon of 08, anything would have been welcome, even snow.  But yesterday Chicago dialed up the perfect combination of sunshine.

When the weather is nice everyone is in much better spirits except for the one idiot who was upset that I would not let him drive his SUV through the walk.  Like right through the 5,000 walkers. Really.  That guy needs an attitude adjustment.

But anyways, we had a great turn out and the lay out was really great this year.  Dunkin Donuts actually showed up with cups larger than shot glasses this year.  There were dogs and kids and babies and seniors and everything in between.  I really thought that Lexington Health Care had great t-shirts (though I will probably have to give a shout out to Brookdale since they gave me one of theirs..) Their t-shirts featured a drawing from one of their residents.  A lady who takes the time each day to talk to every resident and staff member.  She fostered over 100 kids in her lifetime and she draws pictures every day even though she has little to no feeling in her hands.  Their t-shirts are on the two girls in the photo with the strollers.

Hopefully we were able to beat our hefty goal of $1,000,000 dollars which would place Chicago as only the third Memory Walk in the country to do so.  I have my fingers crossed.  And of course they are still counting and I personally am still raising money so if you would like to get that last minute donation in, please visit my memory walk fund raising page!

See you next year?

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