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Lisa Sneddon, Founder of Senior Living ExpertsFounder, Senior Living Advisor & Designer

After losing her grandmother in 2001, Lisa decided to completely change careers and start working with seniors. She moved to Chicago and immediately started volunteering with some of the local agencies and realized she had a real desire to spend time with seniors. Soon afterwards she found her dream job, and helped open a beautiful assisted living community in Chicago.

In her position, she worked with seniors and their families and realized there was a need to educate families on the different types of senior-care options. She found that families were completely overwhelmed and wasted time searching for facilities that often resulted in being unsuitable, inappropriate or unaffordable. From this experience and the desire to advocate for seniors and their families, Senior Living Experts was born.

Lisa continues to be actively involved in the community and serving seniors and their families. She was the co-chair for the Chicago Walk to End Alzheimer’s (Alzheimer’s Association) from 2006-2009. She also served on the board for the Chicago chapter of the Illinois Continuity of Care for many years. She is also on the advisory board for where she also serves as their Assisted Living Expert online.

In April of 2009 she recently received her “Certificate in Aging” from the Boston University Institute for Geriatric Social Work.

Lisa is a graduate of Virginia Tech and recently recieved a second bachelors degree in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design in Chicago. She hopes to expand the business by helping design future senior living communities and to help seniors stay safe and independent where ever they choose to live.

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