Posted March 7, 2013

 It is my pleasure to introduce an online resource: Lotsa Helping Hands!  This website helps streamline the process of linking family up with Caregivers and helping to keep everyone organized.  The fact that it's free speaks volumes for the amount of passion this company has to help make everyone's day to day easier during what will become one of the more challenging parts of life.  I urge you to browse their website to learn more  – they even have a calendar to use to keep everyone on track with their caregiving responsibilites — it's genius!  

See how it works in their infographic below…

We are lucky to be one of the first blogs to feature Lotsa Helping Hands because they reached out to us after being impressed with this blog.  This makes us very happy and it rings true to why we have a blog in the first place…  to inspire and help connect those looking for senior living & caregiving resourses.  You may even see Senior Living Experts listed under their resource directory soon!


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