Posted August 7, 2008

Unfortunately, this event has been postponed as of 8/25/08 and they will reschedule it in just a few weeks – stay tuned…

On Tuesday evening, Sept 16th Plymouth Place is hosting one of my favorite speakers/authors/gerontologists/friends.. Cheryl Kuba will be speaking about “Navigating the Journey of Aging Parents without Driving off a Cliff”

Make this a joy ride!  Learn how to put on the breaks before you go over the edge as you celebrate your parents’ lives.  Find common goals for both of you as they journey through their last chapters of life.  Down shift and turn challenging elder care roadblocks – guilt, denial, role reversal – into speed bumps. You will discover how to heed the warning signs and gain insight into your loved one’s lifestyle changes as he or she grows older.  Discover ways to stop driving through the fog of elder care. Pull over. Help is on the way.

Refreshments will be served at 6pm and Cheryl will begin speaking at 6:30 followed by a Book Signing at 8:00 PM.  (See where I plugged the book on the right >>>>>)

Please RSVP by Sept. 10th: 708-482-6511
Plymouth Place, 315 N. La Grange Rd., La Grange Park, Il 60526

Not only is Cheryl entertaining and informative, but its also worth it to get a look at Plymouth Place which is now open after their construction.  It is one of the most beautiful communities that I have seen.


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