Posted July 29, 2008

Yesterday there was an article in the Chicago Tribune (front page!!) about a study that suggests a new approach to caring for Alzheimer’s patients.  I think the only people this was news to were the ones who have never cared for or worked with people with the disease.  While I am sure there are still a lot of nursing homes out there that don’t have the time or money to train their staff – but they should know to never speak to a patient as if they were a child. 

Regardless, the article did interview some people that I know and have worked with so its still worth sharing.
Here is the link to the article: "A new approach to caring for Alzheimer’s patients"

Hopefully I will have plenty of comments to make/ and new things to learn this week as they are hosting the 2008 International Conference on Alzheimer’s disease here in Chicago right now…

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