Posted October 1, 2012

Has anyone heard of this?  It's a running "show" seven to eleven minutes long and the series will run indefinately on YouTube . This could be a good source for those unsure of how to approach caring for your parents.  

The Drama of Aging and Caregiving, on YouTube


“I don’t want to take care of them,” Erica confesses in Episode 12 to the man she’s just slept with, speaking about her elderly parents.

“Who does?” The man is the real estate broker who has just sold her parents’ home in San Francisco so that, after a year’s resentful debate, they can downsize.

“People do. Children do,” Erica replies. “They think of it as payback for all the sacrifices their parents made for them. They think it’s a privilege.”


To continue reading the entire article and see the video click HERE


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