Posted August 27, 2008

Just got my Sept/Oct 08 edition of the AARP magazine.  I immediately opened to page 93 where they have their 2008 AARP Voter’s Guide.  They concluded that Obama’s policies were better suited to help seniors.

Every night I have been watching the DNC.  Never have I been this excited and motivated to vote for president.  So I wanted to see which candidate was going stand up the most for seniors.

I also went to each candidates site to try to find where they stood on seniors issues.  On Obama’s website it was easy to find and even included a version that you could download and pass out.  On McCain’s site (once I weeded through the first page of negativity and fear) I was hard pressed to find information specifically on seniors.  I had to search under health care and the sanctity of life… no real big issues made toward seniors.  Which is odd considering he is one.  But then again he has 7 homes so I don’t think he is worried about he and his wife are going to pay for long term care.
(To be fair, I don’t think the Obama’s will either) – but the rest of us WILL!  So lets educate ourselves!  In all these speeches they talk about thinking about our children’s future when making this vote.  But I am thinking about my parents future and my future as well.

(photo by Leo Henton)

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