Posted December 22, 2006

Or actually onto I-90 and don’t stray for 500 miles.  Except that my Grandmother won’t be there.  But she will be there in spirit.  I used to love when I would get up and go to her house after we opened our gifts at home.  My grandmother (Nana) would give each of us a “weekend” which was just the best gift of all. The hard part was taking turns and deciding who went first.

The weekend consisted of Nana taking us shopping at the mall, and usually to her favorite store, LL Berger’s.  I remember getting a ‘sweet’ velour long sleeve v-neck top one year.  It was so cool.  Had to be ’82.  She would take us out to eat and we would drive around and do whatever we wanted.  Nana bought the dinner and gifts.  (Pretty smart because you can always buy more after Christmas when it’s on sale right?)  We would also get to stay over at her house and stay up late and read books with her and then sleep in the next day.  Then we would get up to a nice fresh pot of tea and some homemade scones.  Yummy!  What a great tradition. 

I am leaving via I-90 to get home to my family tonight.  I might not be able to make any posts to the blog while I am gone, but will be thinking up some new ideas of things to write about.

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