Posted April 1, 2011

The Salvation Army is now open for business with their PEARLS program. PEARLS is the Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding Lives. This is a short term, in-home treatment program designed to reduce depression in physically impaired and socially isolated seniors.

PEARLS uses problem solving, social and physical activation and increased pleasant events to reduce depression.

This is a behavioral eight session program which takes place over a period of 15 weeks, with follow up phone calls for 3-4 months following completion.

There is no fee to the client.  (Medicare may be billed, for those clients who have it.)

An appropriate client for PEARLS will be suffering from minor to major depression and able to engage in an empowering, structured, problem-solving behavioral program.
PEARLS is not psychotherapy, but could lead to referral to counseling or other services.

Paula Christiansen, LCSW will be accepting referrals for PEARLS. All clients are screened for the program. When we receive referrals which are not appropriate for PEARLS, we will make every effort to provide alternative referrals.

She can receive referrals and inquiries by email, fax (773 275-6288) and phone (773 433-5735.)

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