Posted January 11, 2008

Found this blog post online about 10 “new” trends in senior housing.  I found the article very exciting since senior living is what I do all day.

I have already seen “catered living” in some of the buildings that I work with and that is working out well because it prevents the need to make another move when you already have a familiarity with the building and friends there.  Some concerns though are that its not licensed…

I am really looking forward to seeing some “green” construction on new or existing senior buildings in the area.  I have not seen that yet – I would also like to see more wellness/organic living going on inside some of the nursing and assisted living buildings.  It would come at a great cost but if the seniors could be eating “better” food and breathing cleaner air, wouldn’t that help extend their stay?  Therefore, the communities should be able to make back the extra cost.  And if they are buying in bulk, its gotta be cheaper than what it cost me to go to Whole Foods!

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