Posted April 8, 2011

My original post on this subject became one of the most searched on my blog and I still get many questions about it.  I received this updated information recently and wanted to share it with everyone!

Seniors who are currently enrolled in the Seniors Ride Free program can continue to ride fixed routes without interruption.  However, there are changes that will take place because of the new program.  The following changes will occur:

  • All current senior free ride cardholders will receive correspondence from the RTA in the next few weeks advising of the program changes
  • The RTA is working the the Department on Aging to verify all seniors currently enrolled in the Circuit Breaker program
  • Newly designed magnetic stripe card to distinguish between low-income seniors who will be able to ride free and those who must pay a reduced fare.  The distribution date is scheduled for the mid-summer timeframe, and the RTA will follow up to announce the exact date.
  • All seniors wishing to qualify for free rides must be registered with the Depart on Aging’s Circuit Breaker program and meet eligibility requirements.  For more information call 800-252-8966 or visit to enroll.  Incomes to qualify range from $27,610 to $45,657 depending on household size.

The Seniors Ride Free program changed in February after Gov. Pat Quinn signed legistlation amending the ART Act to allow only low-income seniors to continue riding free on fixed-route services.  All other seniors would be required to pay a reduced fare.

For more information about the recently changed program visit

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